Saturday, December 30

Make Some Resolutions


No other way to describe that game against Minnesota. After the Dallas loss at home, I figured the next 5 games would tell the tale for the Sonics' playoff chances this year - they'd probably win two home games, lose to Denver, then Minnesota ...?

Well, that question mark can firmly be labeled an L, and the Sonics' likelihood at the playoffs is somewhere around the likelihood of an outdoor swim in Minnesota or Denver this week.

Hopefully, the Sonics will rebound against the Celtics on New Year's Eve, but I'm not exactly holding my breath. Oh, in case you're thinking the Sonics will be able to get off to a good start in '07, here's their first two weeks' worth of opponents:

Dallas, Houston, Knicks, Golden State, Phoenix, Miami, Utah

Friends, it just doesn't get easier when you're the worst or next-to-worst team in the Conference.

With all of that in mind, here's some off-the-cuff resolutions for the Sonics for 2007.

Rick Sund - Find a way to deal either Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, or both. If you haven't guessed it by now, this team is going nowhere, and Sugar Ray - new child notwithstanding - is no spring chicken.

Bob Hill - Learn how to use more efficiently.

Clay Bennett - Return "How to Order Coffee and Speak Seattlese in 3 Easy Steps."

Earl Watson - Buy new set of luggage - you're gonna need it.

Danny Fortson - Ask Earl if you can use his old suitcases.

Mickael Gelabale - Stay in shape - you're gonna see a lot of minutes come February.

Ray Allen - Seriously consider selling your home in Seattle while the market's still favorable.

Luke Ridnour - Resolve to buy extra thank you cards for Earl for screwing up his chance at taking your job.

Rashard Lewis - Be thankful your injury keeps you out of crappy Sonic highlights on ESPN for the next two months.

Nick Collison - Resolve to visit mystic Hindu spa where you can find yourself, or at least find Reggie Evans' self, 'cause this Nick ain't the Nick we need.

Chris Wilcox - Resolve to send thank you note to Dunleavy for allowing you to come to Seattle, where you can now make $8 mil. a year to be an underachiever.

And, finally, Johan Petro - Just keep counting the days until free agency, when some dumb GM will undoubtedly give you a six-year deal.

Happy 2007, everybody!


Anonymous said...

more and more people want to see ray and rashard traded. But i haven't seen many suggestions about who to bring in in return.
Who do you figure we could get? Who do we want to get? Would these players be able to inspire a turnaround in seattle?
There's only a handfull of players around the leadue i'd trade ray or rashard for and they're very unlikely to be traded by their current teams as they are cornerstones of succes...

Anonymous said...

Forget Feb., Gelabale's minutes seem likely to exceed 25 and push 30 minutes a game from now. He has a mix of positives and weaknesses. Will watch how far he goes to improve on each set.

Anonymous said...

How about trading Ray and Earl to the Clippers for Maggette, Cassell, Korolev, Rebraca + 2007 1st round pick(via Minnesota) and 2007 or 2008 1st round pick(via L.A. Clippers.

BTW: I also see Gelabale getting more minutes from now on, if his back isn't holding him back.

Cheers and a happy new year Silvio

Anonymous said...

If you think Ray is getting old, try Cassell. Cassell is injured, Rebraca has a heart problem, Korolev(?)... That would be a trade mostly for Magette and a pick.

If Sam comes back soon, it could help the team. Maggette puts up Watson type numbers, but doesn't play as much defense. Rebraca may be good for a few minutes. He has skills, but he has no heart (literally).

The first round pick could be the golden ticket. The Sonics may be able to take thier two first round picks and trade up to take G. Oden.

Anonymous said...

How about a resolution to post an article on this site on a semi-daily basis?

Anonymous said...


Seriously, it's called the holidays, guy.

Paul said...

How about a resolution that anyone too lazy to type in their name when leaving comments shall be referred to as "Retardo Poopypants". (There's got to be a way to code that...)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the dig. My need to vent about the Sonics goes 365 deep. I had to resort to throwing Christmas tree ornaments at my cat.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough - and considering it had been more than a week since we'd had a post it's good criticism.

Here's the problem, during weekends and holiday-times, I am sans computer, so it's up to Paul and Raf to come through. And since they post as often as George Bush watches BET (zing!), there's gonna be some dry spells here.