Wednesday, April 11

Sonics to Sign Livingston for Stretch Run

Former, current and future Seattle Supersonics Randy 'it's a' LivingstonAccording to Frank Hughes and Gary Washburn, the Sonics will likely sign Randy Livingston to back up Mike Wilks for the rest of the season. In his 10-year career, Livingston's played for 9 teams, including the Sonics.

More importantly, last night the Hornets shocked the Heat and catapulted the Sonics into the 5th-worst record in the league. With a loss to the Suns tonight (keep your fingers crossed!), the Sonics could be firmly entrenched in the #5 hole, with a decent shot at catching the Hawks for #4.

The Sonics close the year at Phoenix (loss), at Portland (even), at the Lakers (loss), and home against the Mavs (win). The Hawks are home against the Wizards (win), at Cleveland (loss), at Milwaukee (even), home against the Pacers (even). The Sonics will likely go 1-3 and the Hawks will likely go 2-2, putting Seattle with one more win than the ATL. It'll all boil down to the Blazer-Sonic game and the Pacer-Hawk game, at least from my vantage-point.

Can the Sonics manage to let Brandon Roy go for 30? Can Mike Wilks puncture his thumb opening up a Super Sip? Can the Hawks enable Jermaine O'Neal to post a quadruple double? Will Josh Smith curse out the entire city of Atlanta and invoke the name of General Sherman in the process?

Ah, the NBA at lottery-time, 's wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I am just trying to figure out what the Sonics do in this draft. If we get one or two, it's a no brainer. Seeing that we are probably going to get a pick in the 3-6 range. Where do we go?

Do we go with the big guys as in Noah, B. Wright, or Horford? Or we pick up a new point in Conley or Rashard replacement in J. Wright?

Wow, I already getting excited! Losing is the new winning! Got to love it!

Zach said...

The only way this team stays in Seattle long term is with a legitimate young marketable star (aka Oden or Durant). Even if one of the other guys turns out to be as good, they won't sell the tickets the first year. On the other hand, imagine this team next year with Oden. Perhaps his presence convinces Rashard to re-sign. Seriously, that team is probably the front-runner in the NW division.

Anonymous said...

"With the 5th pick in the NBA Draft, the Seattle Supersonics pick Center Yi Jianlian of the People's Republic of China."

I can feel it, I tells ya.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, picking Yi Jianlian would just drive me to become a Trailblazers fan to no end. Not that Yi doesn't have potential and skills, but the thought of picking another project big man makes me feel ill. Yi and Tiago Splitter are the nightmare draft choices for me.

Anonymous said...

No way nuss. Tall, white, some potential, and from Washington? The Supes are required by law to take Spencer Hawes.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Lance, but you forget that Hawes has actually competed against people who are NBA-ready, unlike Sene, Petro, or Swift. With that in mind, you can see why Jianlian (isn't that a type of tea?) is the obvious choice.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the 4th pick. The Sonics are only a few wins away from landing the 11th pick. Dare to dream.

C'mon Bob! Whip these men into shape. There's too much comfort in picking at a spot where failure is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Yi Jianlian more of a PW/SF-- in the Chris Bosh/Kevin Garnett mold?

And Sportzilla, isn't that little Renton deal the makings of keeping the Supes in Seattle finally?

That being said, as long as we DO NOT DRAFT a yet another center (like Hawes) or a position-less Forward like Noah I'll be happy.

Well, happy as I can be considering we managed to win so many totally irrelevant games and push ourselves outside of the true Durant/Oden chase.