Wednesday, June 13

Carlisle out in Indy, in with the Sonics?

"Yes I can coach up-tempo, and yes I know Kung-Fu."

Could new Sonics GM Sam "Scooter" Presti be luring recently sacked Pacers coach Rick Carlisle to Seattle? Inquiring minds want to know:
Carlisle declined to comment Tuesday on the Sonics' position but said he understood the uncanny timing of his decision to break ties with the Pacers and Seattle's coaching search.

"My announcement was purely procedural in nature," he said by phone Tuesday. "According to my contract, there was a day I had to decide to return in a front-office capacity. Out of respect to the Pacers, I felt it was better to let them know sooner instead of later. The timing of this announcement has absolutely no connection to the Sonics' coaching opening."

There is a link, however, between Carlisle and new Sonics general manager Sam Presti, who has not acknowledged any coaching candidates since taking over on Thursday. According to an NBA source, Carlisle and Presti were seen talking at a Salt Lake City hotel during the Western Conference finals before Presti took the Sonics job.

Read the rest in the Seattle P.I.
Seen together at a hotel last week? It was either a job interview, or a love that dare not speak it's name. Either way, I'm cool with it.


Anonymous said...

Presti / Carlisle sounds a lot better the Sund / Hill to me. Lets hope they can refloat and turn the Titanic around while it's sinking.

As long as the Sonics don't draft another "not-ready-for-prime-time" center in the draft and go with Durant, I will be happy. Very happy.

BTW: If Sund was still around, would anyone else be nervous about him drafting Yi Jianlian over Durant?

Anonymous said...

No, if Sund were still around we'd be dealing our #2 pick & Rashard to the Celtics for the #5 pick & Telfair.

Anonymous said...

Scooter is a great call, although I'm sure he'd opt for something else.

Anonymous said...

We love Carlisle in Indianapolis. He was on Mike The Cat - Cartoon a few weeks ago.

He is a great man

TheBiz said...

You may be cool with a "love that dare not speak its name" but the new owners sure won't be.