Monday, June 11

Magic Merry-Go-Round

According to the ever-reliable Sam Smith, Orlando's new coach, Stan Van Gundy, is very interested in maintaining the Milic-Howard combination.

But, wait! Smith has quotes to back up his claims!

"You've got two great assets here [Milicic and Dwight Howard]. You've got two young big guys in a league where everybody else is searching for one," says Van Moustache.

Meaning, as Smith points out, the Magic are firmly out of the Rashard Lewis Sweepstakes, and we don't have to worry about Darko suiting up for the Sonics next year.

Of course, all of this is assuming that a Sam Smith Rumor becomes fact, which is not exactly the best thing to bet on in this world. Let's hope that Van Gundy is telling the truth, and that the Sonics don't make the oft-rumored deal with the Magic that everyone's been expecting for it seems like 5 years now.


Anonymous said...

if we make a deal with the magic it better be to get dwight howard
but that will never happen so why even talk to the magic?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the Magic would be less than excited about dealing Dwight Howard to get a small forward who doesn't play defense. You're right, that will never happen.

I'll take a helping of the Batter-for-Lewis rumor, though. Can we work Earl Watson into the deal somehow? I know the Rockets were looking at getting a PG this season (unless they can exhume Bobby Sura's corpse, that is).

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this but i saw a rumor stating that the Sonics might go after Chris Paul? Is there any validity to this rumor?

Anonymous said...

I saw that too. It's pretty lame when you read the story. CP does some work for an energy company in Oklahoma (tv ads and that sort of thing). The energy company is owned by the Sonics ownership (not sure if its Bennett's company or one of the partners, or both). The OKC columnist thought that since CP is getting paid to do promotional work that he's got some sort of relationship with the owners, meaning he would be likely to sign with Seattle after next year when he's a free agent and the Sonics are in Oklahoma.

All in all, it's a totally lame rumor that's got a 0.1% chance of coming true. It sure would be nice, though. Can you imagine Paul alongside Ray Allen, Rashard and Durant, or even jjust Allen and Durant. I'll bet Allen gets wet dreams thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this rumor is true. Darko sucks. The only reason his numbers look good right now is because DH demands a double and triple team. If you watch the guy play very much, he is frequently out of position, forgets to box out for rebounds, etc. He is very athletic and seems to have some skills, but he just doesn't seem to have a mind for the game. Or maybe he just doesn't have a mind.

I'll take Swift any day.