Friday, June 15

Scooter to pick pal P.J. for Sonics?

Just weeks after being seen at a hotel with Rick Carlisle, the P.I. reports that new Sonics whiz kid GM Sam "Scooter" Presti will soon be dating interviewing old Spurs chum P.J. Carlesimo for the long vacant head coaching job:
Out of head coaching since being fired by the Golden State Warriors in 1999, Carlesimo is emerging as a candidate for the Sonics' position and is on new general manager Sam Presti's short coaching list.

Presti said this week that the coaching search was "going well and we're making fast progress," but he declined to acknowledge any candidates. The San Antonio Express-News reported Thursday that Carlesimo could meet with Presti as soon as the Spurs' season ended, and Presti is expected to begin interviewing candidates next week.

The other apparent candidates are former Detroit and Indiana coach Rick Carlisle and ex-Minnesota coach and Sonics assistant Dwane Casey.

Read the rest in the Seattle P.I.
Considering how late in the game they started shopping around for a coach, the Sonics are lucky those three are still left in the bargain bin.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think the the reason it's taken the Sonics to get a head coach is that they've been waiting for PJ to finish up with the Spurs. Plus, Lenny was too busy watching 1979 Championship Highlights on his Betamax to get out and hire a GM.

Eric Reynolds said...

We have a two out of three chance it won't be PJ. Here's hopin'.

I still think Rambis should warrant consideration, but only if he brings back the big-ass specs.

Anonymous said...

You mean these?

Anonymous said...

Eric Reynolds, why so against PJ? I'm very intrigued by the possibility.

Also I read an article about Carlisle that gives me hope he wouldn't turn the team to plodders.

Don't remember where I saw it, but I'm still scared of his defense-first/set offense ways.

Anonymous said...

I think Carlisle's defense first/ set offense ways might be exactly what the Sonics need. They are very athletic and skilled, but lack defense and offensive discipline. If you doubt me, watch Ridnour run the fast break.

Coach Rick did amazing things for a year or two with a team full of crazies and scrubs in Indiana.

Just remember: Defense wins Championships. Spurs win it all again, while the high flying, fast breaking Suns and Mavericks are out of luck again.