Wednesday, June 6

Sheppard Not a Candidate?

It appears the (extremely) long and winding road leading to a replacement for Rick Sund may be drawing to a close. According to the Washington Post, Tommy Sheppard is no longer in the running for the Sonics' GM position, meaning Sam Presti has the position all but locked up.

Why the Sonics continue to draw this situation out is a mystery to me. My only logical conclusion is that Presti wants to keep this under wraps until after the Finals are completed, so as not to distract from the proceedings. Honestly, what other reason could there be?

Unfortunately, the Sonics are the losers in all of this, as each day that passes means one less day Presti spends evaluating the roster and figuring out what steps the team needs to make this summer. Of course, it's always possible that all of this has been a formality and Presti has been spending the past month doing that evaluation, but to outsiders such as us, it sure is puzzling why this franchise continues to lumber along like Clemon Johnson in the second game of a back-to-back.

Also, feel free to check out the Miami Herald if you're in need of a laugh today. The Heat are interested in acquiring Rashard Lewis in a sign and trade, but even The Herald's Barry Jackson struggles to find a way to make it happen. Among the flotsam and jetsam named as possibly returning to Seattle are Jason Kapono, Jason Williams, Michael Doleac, ... oh, hell, there's no point in even listing the rest. The Sonics would be better off signing Lewis, paying him $15 mil. a year, and having him room with Vin Baker and Shawn Kemp than acquiring any of those "assets" from the Heat.


Anonymous said...

That Heat package looks like something Woody Woodward would trade for.

Please Sam Presti, don't make Rashard Lewis the Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe of the Sonics!

Anonymous said...

Posey would be a decent player to pick up, but the Heat can't seriously expect Rashard to yield that little, can they? I don't what Lewis would command in a sign and trade, but I'd expect a minimum of a veteran center or point guard; someone past his prime but still able to contribute. I'd certainly expect more than the used-up pieces of a former NBA champion.

Anonymous said...

What, do Rony Seikaly and Bimbo Coles have trade restrictions in their contracts?

Anonymous said...

Looks Like it's confirmed