Wednesday, June 27

Sweet Dreams

We’re getting closer, and baby, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Seattle.

You just know that Portland will pick Oden, and that leaves us to sop up the greatest consolation prize in the history of consolation prizes: Kevin Durant. Getting Durant with the second pick in the draft is like hitting the bars with a friend, watching him get the girl you’ve both been ogling, then – while they’re grinding on the dance floor – you bump into a drunk Salma Hayek.

Something like that, anyways. I’m just so giddy with anticipation about the Sonics landing Durant that my boatful of metaphors is beginning to list sideways.

Anyways, I thought I’d roll out five dreams for what happens on Thursday. (Salma is dream number six, but that’s for another story).

The Sonics deal Luke Ridnour to Atlanta for the #11 pick and Anthony Johnson. There are rumors out there that the Hawks are in talks to acquire Amare Stoudamire from the Suns in a 3-way deal that would send the #3 and #11 picks to Minnesota. I also heard the Hawks were interested in sending Johnson to Memphis for Damon Stoudamire, so that they could corner the market on Stoudamires. I place only a little bit of truth to these rumors. [UPDATE – ESPN is reporting that the deal is dead. Sigh.]

The Sonics take Rodney Stuckey with the #11 pick in the draft.

Rashard Lewis, Earl Watson, and the second pick of the 2nd round go to the Clippers for Sam Cassell and Corey Maggette.

With the first pick in the second round, the Sonics select PG Petteri Koponen of Finland, Zabian Dowdell of Va Tech, or whoever is left in the PG ranks.

The Timberwolves send Kevin Garnett to Phoenix, Phoenix sends Shawn Marion to Boston, and Boston sends a bucket of clam chowder, two draft picks, and Theo Ratliff’s decomposing body to Minnesota. All of a sudden, the Sonics get an extra couple of wins next year just by having Minny in their division.

We’ll try to keep the site updated with rumors as the day goes along.

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