Wednesday, June 27

Gotta Have Your KD

ESPN's Ric Bucher reported Wednesday night that the Blazers have confirmed to Greg Oden that he will be the #1 pick in Thursday's draft.

It's strange. A few weeks ago, this would have bummed me out since it was obvious that Oden was the perfect fit for the Sonics' situation.

But the more I've thought about it in the past few weeks, the more I have realized that the current Sonics' situation is crapola, and why should we care about how the rookie-to-be fits with us, and why we should care about how we fit with the rookie-to-be.

If that's the case, then Portland can have Oden. The Sonics will figure out a way to accommodate the most talented player in the draft. If that's the worst thing that happens to the Clay Bennett regime, then, well, this is gonna be a fun ride.


wadswerth said...

Hooray for Durant, Towards the end of the college hoop season i was wishing that the sonics would land him, now the wish is coming true. Oden is a great player but had the sonics drafted him it would be the 4th draft in a row they picked a 7ft center. Durant is a exciting player to watch which is what the sonics need.

Eric Reynolds said...

I'm pretty stoked on Durant. I'd be really happy with either, but Durant just excites me a little more. Although he's not as dryly funny as Oden. But I think Sonics fans can live with that. Man, it's could be a FUN season next year, who would have thought?

I heard a rumor on the radio tonight that the Sonics have offered Ray Allen to the Celtics for the 5th pick and Theo Ratliffe.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the same thing; wonder if the Sonics and Blazers are working on something now, where Portland would surrender the #1 pick in exchange for Durant and a #2, then Sonics would be able to have both Oden and Conley.

Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone seems to be arriving at consensus that the Sonics should just scrap the whole team and start over around KD.

The Ridnour deal seams all but done. I suppose his development has plateaued and he's still a second rate PG.

The price for Lewis is too high to keep a forward that doesn't rebound or play D.

Allen is awesome and I would really hate to see Jesus go but the Sonics are in a good position to get the brighter half of a deal that sends the NBA's best pure shooter and instant offense on any roster to a playoff contender.

If you are gonna rebuild this is a good draft to do it, and 2-3 years from now when you start contending its better to have 2-3 years experienced players who may have even made it to a first or second round then rookies.

I think theres other ways to go and I do believe the sonics are a lot better than their record suggests. But with a major regime change like this, this is all standard stuff. Also, even if we could have a playoff team next year, phoenix, san antonio, and dallas are sooo good right now that it'd probably be pretty moot. Our best case would be to get 'as good' as Denver, Houston, Utah, etc.

I just really hope that 'Sonics: The Next Generation' can generate enough interest from the fans to keep this team in Seattle.

With the mariners threatening to take their division could the city really have three great teams at once?

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree that this would be a good draft to start over, but that only works if you think starting over is a good idea. I think in the NBA it's pretty obvious that blowing things up and going young almost never works.

I definitely wouldn't shipping Rashard off in a sign-and-trade that helps them get younger, but I think there's a lot of value in holding onto Allen to show Durant the ropes of what it takes to win in the NBA.

I know we haven't done a lot of winning here since Ray arrived, but the guy does know how to win. It's not his fault management surrounded him with a bunch of underachieving losers.

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be "wouldn't mind" with regards to shipping Rashard.


Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it; anyone with 'Nuss' in their last name is allowed 5 mistakes per month. It's a union thing.