Monday, June 4

What Not To Buy

Is there a man in North America who would knowingly let his friends know he was reading this book? Can we put the over/under at sales to men at 3, including Doug Christie?

Good Lord, I am so glad the Sonics dealt this fool and his wife away before he had a chance to get in a game in the green and gold. The idea of the Christies being a fixture at Sonic events for the next 20 years would be enough to make me drive Clay Bennett's moving vans.


Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in starting a book club?

I'll supply the mimosas.

b dot

Paul said...

They both look like she-males.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know if the Christies have ever appeared on Oprah? I'd be shocked if they haven't. Seems like a natural fit. I'd put the vomit-meter at about 9.5 to have to watch those two on that show.