Friday, June 29

Reactions From Around the Country

This guy thinks Alvin Davis is still with the Mariners.

Before we go into our own draft day grading, here's a smattering of reactions from writers and experts on last night's machinations.

Foxsports: Gives Danny Ainge a failing grade for the Allen trade, calling Green a solid NBA player.

Andy Katz, ESPN: A-; to quote “The price was high for Green. While moving Ray Allen and his contract was smart, I'm not sure the same can be said for taking on Wally Szczerbiak's contract.”

Bill Simmons, ESPN: Predictably, throws up in his mouth at the thought of a hobbling Ray Allen playing shooting guard at age 34.

Foxsports, Pete Schrager: Hopes Jeff Green likes “coffee, Alvin Davis, Microsoft, and Sonic Youth.” Somebody get this Schrager guy an internet connection will ya? Or at least a newspaper printed in the last 15 years?

Foxsports, Charley Rosen: Thinks the Celtics got a true steal of a deal, that Wally World is a broken-down shell of himself, and that Jeff Green better be good., Chris Mannix: Gives Boston the day’s top honors for getting Ray Allen, calls Wally World a “lockerroom lawyer” (!)., Jack McCallum: “Absolutely love this deal from the Celtics standpoint.” He goes full flip-flop, though, in the next paragraph, by saying he thinks the Sonics had to make the deal. Way to go out on a limb, Jack.

PI, Art Thiel: “That can’t be all” is Thiel’s opening paragraph. He thinks reserving judgement till the rest of the moves are made is the wise choice., David Thorpe: Say Sam Presti has given the Sonics a fresh start and raves about all the moves.

Buzzer Beater, Mike Seely: Unlike the rest of us unwashed masses, Seely was on board from the start, specifically because of Allen’s age.

TNT, John McGrath: The Sonics have dealt away their only source of identity (Allen) in this area for a hope and a prayer.


Anonymous said...

Is it too late to choose another GM? The biggest problem I see is that there is now no leader on this team, putting all of the load on a Kevin Durant who doesn't seem too comfortable with all the hype. I think this is a move to rebuild in 2-3 years, by that time, I am thinking the slogan for the team will be KD in KC.

mj said...

I am loving what Presti did in the draft. While I love Ray and Rashard, I love Durant even more. I believe Jeff Green will turn out to be better than expected. Moving Ray, and even Rashard will give Durant and Green proper room to grow, quickly. I'm also a fan of Delonte West. His game is much better than Luke or Earl's. Wally World, who cares, at least he pretties up the bench.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Sonic Youth from NYC? I'm pretty sure they're not from Seattle ...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great deal. Don't get me wrong, Allen is awesome, but he is getting old. His ankles are hurt too. Don't get me wrong Wally isn't anything amazing, but you never know, I watched him single handly dismantle the sonics a couple of year back. He may still have a couple of punches left. As for having no leaders - who needs leaders anyway? I'd love to see this team grow together. Make mistakes together, and learn together. Actually be a TEAM and not just told what to do by one individual superstar who gets paid way to much, and complains when things aren't going right. I think Presti made an excellent move and has shown he has guts. I think it will turn out really well.

Paul said...

Sonic Youth is from Minnesota. Also, they are, like Alvin Davis, from 20 years ago. That guy is a douche.

(also, I can't seem to find that article, Pete. We need to call that punk out.)

Anonymous said...

Here's the link:

"Picking for the Sonics, Boston selects Jeff Green. Green's the man in these parts. He led Georgetown to a Big East title in this very building back in March, and carried the Hoyas past North Carolina across the river in Jersey in the Elite 8 back in April. When I spoke to him yesterday, he said he loves New York. There was no word on his opinion of Seattle. Hope he likes coffee, Microsoft, Alvin Davis, and Sonic Youth."

In fairness to Schrager, I'm sure he was trying to be funny by using "youth" and "sonic" in the same phrase. Or, he's a tool that thinks that Alvin Davis is still popular here (not that Alvin isn't cool, we love you AD!) and that Sonic Youth is some sort of Nirvana-type band.

Anonymous said...

Um..Sonic Youth is from NYC...

Ben Q. Rock said...

Sonic Youth may have been around for 20 years, but they're also f---ing phenomenal, no matter where they're from. I'm glad we've gotten that out of the way.

Secondly, you guys absolutely swindled the hell out of the Celtics. Nice move. West is tremendously underrated.

Can you let us have Rashard, please? I'd appreciate that.

Paul said...

Sonic Youth may have been around for 20 years, but they're also f---ing phenomenal, no matter where they're from. I'm glad we've gotten that out of the way.


Anonymous said...

It was like a roller coaster ride and the wind was taken out of my sail! The only thing that I absolutely care about, at this point, is that this team remains in Seattle!!

Anonymous said...

This trade is likely all about how Good Jeff Green is.

I'm a believer that Ray Allen has 2-3 very strong season left in him - all-star level. he will be huge for the C's next year & would have been great for Seattle too.

So..... The trade means....

1. the Sonics will be weaker on the court for the next 1-2 years.

2. If Green is strong ... Great (???) then from 2009 on the trade is a winner for Seattle.

Wally S. sucks but only has 2 years left - we had to take him.

D. West may give us some help - if he becomes a long-time productive Sonic that is a huge bonus.

But it's really likely all about Jeff Green. If Green is an OK but nothing special player - the trade is a bust. If Green becomes a solid starter it will be a good trade.

Who knows - If Green becomes an all-star the trade becomes brilliant for Presti & the Sonics.

Bottom line: It's all about how good Jeff Green will become. Time will tell