Monday, September 24


Ah, it just gets better and better. Now, according to the Seattle Times, the City of Seattle has launched a lawsuit against the Sonics' ownership in an attempt to force them to honor their lease and remain at KeyArena until 2010. The lawsuit would also try to block the team from using arbitration to settle the dispute.

It's not often that a munipality is pitted as the David in a David v Goliath situation, but this is shaping up to be a hum-dinger of a battle. On the one hand you've got Slade Gorton (whom, as Paul mentioned earlier, is known as 'Senator Skeletor' in these parts) representing the good people of King County. On the other, you've got Carpetbagger Clay and his buddies from Oklahoma, represented by a Seattle law firm (!).

To paraphrase Michael Buffer, "Let's get ready to wrangle!"


UPDATE: I wouldn't normally provide a link to another paper's story on the same subject, but you've got to read the PI's story, written by Gene Johnson, if only for the quote from the attorney representing the City, Tom Carr. Here's Carr's quote in regard to the Sonics' profitability, or lack thereof, at KeyArena:

"The issues with the Sonics' profitability at KeyArena have less to do with KeyArena than with the Sonics' ability to defend the high pick and roll."

It's not everyday a city employee has 1) a sense of humor, 2) is a lawyer, and 3) knows basketball terminology. Looks like we're 3-for-3 with Tom Carr.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes.

Seattle hired the right man for this job.
Bennett your going down.

Anonymous said...

I assume Seattle wins in court. Bennett would have preferred arbitration though I don't think he expected to get it. I think he expected to be in court. Now he might have wanted to be the one to sue and pick the venue but sorry ClayClay you didnt move fast enough. Still it will help force answers, including from Stern and Board of Governors eventually.

Eric Reynolds said...

I want to have a beer with Tom Carr.

Anonymous said...

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