Thursday, October 11


Looks like the idea of Luke Ridnour donning a mask will come to fruition. All 3 dailies report today that the young point guard has a "non displaced fracture of the nasal bone," which means for the next 4 to 5 weeks he'll be sporting a mask. Ridnour was hurt about halfway into the first quarter of the Kings game the other night when he got an up close and personal interview with Ron Artest's elbow, and it's unknown if he'll play in both, either, or neither of the back-to-back games coming up on the road this weekend. Considering the importance, or lack thereof, of training camp games, is it really necessary to risk any more problems?

More importantly, what will Frodo's mask look like? There's always this possibility, or this one, or even this one.

But, heck, Halloween is right around the corner, right? And the Sonics are hungry for money, right? So wouldn't it be a perfect tie-in if Ridnour were to emerge on the court at the next Sonic home game with, oh, I don't know, something that looks like this?


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I'm not so sure the Phantom of the Opera mask would work so hot. You'll notice that there's a cut-out exposing the nose... not exactly effective in this instance.

Now, if Artest's elbow somehow horribly disfigured the upper half of Frodo's face... money.