Thursday, October 4

Training Camp

Interesting quote in Eric Williams' profile on Damien Wilkins at the TNT. "If you don't defend, you don't play [in Carlesimo's system]", Williams quotes Wilkins as saying, and it makes you wonder how many minutes Damien will get this season, especially considering all the competition he'll be getting.

With Wally Szczerbiak's recovery from surgery still a work in progress, perhaps it's possible that Kevin Durant gets 30-some minutes a night at the two, Delonte West (who sprained his ankle in practice and is now day-to-day) picks up 20+ minutes at both guard spots, and Wilkins, Jeff Green, and Szczerbiak split the 48 minutes at small forward. Of course, that doesn't leave anything for Mickael Gelabale, but someone has to suffer, I suppose. (Of note, Gary Washburn indicates that Gelly has a tattoo of his home of Guadalupe on his right shoulder.)

In other news, Brandon Roy will be sitting for the entire pre-season to rest his left ankle - at least that's what Nate McMillan is contemplating, anyway. This off-season for Portland has gone from the highest high to the lowest low pretty quickly. Almost makes a guy feel sorry for Blazer fans.



Anonymous said...

Hello, I am SonicComic over at Sonic Central. When I try and pull up the Sonic Central site it goes to some Arizona based business. Does anyone here know what is going on?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am Sonic Comic over at Sonics Central. When I try and pull up the Sonics Central site, it goes to some Arizona based business. Does anyone know what is going on?

Dave said...

Getting the same thing Sonic Comic, not sure whats going on but hopefully one of the people that run it will post here for some sort of explanation.

Anonymous said...

Never mind. The site is back and working

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