Wednesday, July 16

Another Brick in the Wall

Per RJ Bell of, Tim Donaghy's telephone buddy, Scott Foster, is nipping close at Donaghy's scandal-infected heels.

According to Bell, Foster refereed seven games which involved lopsided wagering during the 2006-07 period currently under investigation. In those seven games, the betting was enough to move the line by at least two points, and in all seven instances the big money in Las Vegas wound up winning.

As Bell points out, this could just be a statistical anomaly. In case you're wondering, though, the odds of it occurring 7-out-of-7 times?

Less than 1%.

(found via Deadspin).


Anonymous said...

one can only hope that it becomes a full blown scandal leading to Stern's ouster and a new commish with the sense to have a team in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

why is nobody reporting this?

Anonymous said...

Possibly its' NBA fatigue, or more specifically NBA referee fatigue. There's smoke in this story, but not alot of fire. Unless you get the words "federal" or "indictment" or "mafia" involved, the media just isn't going to be overly interested.