Tuesday, July 22

Calabro turns to Sounders--will you?

(photo by Jim Bates / Seattle Times)

Kevin Calabro has turned down a lucrative offer to follow The Team Formally Known As The Sonics (TTFKATS) to Oklahorrible and instead will stay in town as the voice of Seattle's new MSL team, The Sounders.

Now, I've never been a huge soccer fan, but with KC calling the games, I might be converted. Hmmm, I wonder if the Sounders have any good blogs? SuperSounderSoul anyone?


Anonymous said...

This ties in nicely with the argument that the river of revenue generated by the Sonics will just flow down another pathway if it gets dammed up by the team leaving.

Personally, I can easily see myself transferring my enthusiasm to the Sounders with the Sonics gone. Maybe in a few years I'll be ready to enjoy the NBA again, but maybe not. Until then, go Sounders go!

drizzy! said...

I personally am excited. I'm not sure what recent news I am more happy about:

-Kevin C announcing Sounders games
-Every game televised (1st MLS team to do so)
-Sounders season tickets outselling Oklhorrible's as of now(17k to 16k)

drizzy! said...


is also a great sounders blog, sorry to advertise on your site, but you did ask

Paul said...

Thanks for the info, Drake. I need all the help I can to get all educated-like.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that the NBA (for that matter, all professional sports leagues) continue to work only because citizens and governments continue to enable their dysfunctional business model. As long as people continue to get bullied into the notion that they "have" to build a new stadium, new stadiums will get built.

The fact is, people can live without the NBA. People can live without the NFL. Go to San Diego sometime; do you think people there are jumping off bridges because they don't have an NBA team? Are people in Los Angeles walking out into traffic because the Raiders left? Does the fact OKC has the NBA and St. Louis somehow make people in STL want to move to OKC?

Of course not. It's entertainment, and if the Sonics leave, I'm convinved that within a few years people here will either devote the energy they devoted to the Sonics into watching

-Husky basketball
-SU basketball


-Playing with their kids

Anonymous said...

Loved the quote in the story about how he cried for one day, then "got up, washed my hair" and now he's doing okay.

Unknown said...

Best sports news in many moons. In some ways, the prospect of losing the public presence of Calabro (the Voice of the Sonics) was more painful that losing whoever was/is currently on TTFKATS.

Unknown said...

Just another addition to the (new)Sounders doing everything right... Sell 6,500 season ticket memberships in the first week? Check. Let fans vote on the name? Check. Take advantage of a great commentator's availability to ensure crossover audience? Check and check.
I grew up on the Sounders and I'm glad to see them coming back- with business smarts, to boot.

Anonymous said...

How about the declining dollar in the NBA game and the fact that average NBA players who could compete on playoff teams are considering Europe? I love it.

David Stern needs to go, and take his business model with him. I don't think when he was thinking "expand overseas" it meant losing his league's players to better options in other places.

Anonymous said...

Remember going to Sounder games in the Kingdome way back when I was a kid but being a middle age guy now, can't see myself gettng into pro soccer..although I did watch the 2002 and 2006 world cup matches in the wee hours but US pro soccer is just so boring..

Unknown said...

I don't know all that much about soccer, but if Calabro is going to be doing it, there's no way I won't check it out. Hell, if he announced pinball games I'd be interested; I'm really glad he stayed in the region. It would've been even more devastating to hear him call games for TTFKATS.

Anonymous said...

I am rapidly culling out my browser bookmarks of NBA blogs and news. It's just not interesting any more. The occasional Sounders game with Calabro calling it will be a pleasure.

haizman_brain said...


I'm not jumping off the Coronado bridge because there is no NBA here in San Diego - it just really sucks to have to make the drive up to LA in traffic for an evening Lakers/Clippers vs Sonics game twice a year. I've lived here for 10 years and still make the pilgrimage every year...at least I did until the team was hijacked.

I will try to catch some of the upcoming Sounders games, if anyone can make it more interesting KC can! I'm glad to see him...er, on the rebound!