Thursday, July 17

Different Type of Statistic

Normally, we only run basketball statistics here, but I thought you might be curious to see another comparison today. The chart shown above has a start date of July 2007 and details the stock performance of two companies. The blue line is Starbucks, Howard Schultz' empire, which has seen its value plummet from $28.60 a share to a low of $13.33.

The red line? The red line belongs to Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McClendon's company, which has seen its shares go from $33 to $57.

Apparently, not only did Oklahoma City swipe Seattle's basketball team, but its mojo as well.


A Corner Full of Thoughts said...

They have been closing Starbucks left and right throughout OKC, one would almost think that Schultz is out for revenge.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's limited to OKC - they're closing Starbucks everywhere. By the time Schultz' case gets before a judge next spring, he might not have enough money for legal pads.

Anonymous said...

come back!