Tuesday, July 8

The Fiddler

Well, I suppose I could cover the summer league game that took place in Orlando yesterday, but, honestly, does anyone here have any interest in how Oklahoma City did last night?

I thought not.

So, instead, let's focus on Vincent "The Fiddler" Askew's new role as the General Manager of the LA Push of the ABA. Askew has been coaching now for nearly a decade, including a three-year stint in Italy, one year with the Albany Patroons, and a couple of seasons as a high school coach (seasons which were marred first by the use of ineligible players then by recruiting violations; it appears he learned more than a few tricks from his time working with John Calipari at Memphis).

Wait, what's that? You say Askew isn't the new GM of the LA Push? That he accepted a role as the coach of the Kentucky Mavericks only two days after taking the LA Push job?

Well, good for Vinnie. You had to know he wanted to put the foul taste of last year's job with Albany out of his mouth, and what better way to do it than to be the head coach of ...

Now, wait a minute. You're telling me that Askew dumped the Wildcats after four days and decided to take the LA job after all? That he claims he resigned, but the Kentucky front office claim he was fired? After four days? But why, Vincent, why?

“It’s not that I’m greedy or anything,” Askew said to the Bowling Green Daily News. “But it was just one of those things where it needed to be a bit more, I have a family, a house and kids to think about also.”

Ah, the children, it's always about the children, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Go OKC Potatoes!

Anonymous said...


Shouldn't real Seattle fans pay attention to the Mariners or something?

Wait, they are in last place.

Seattle fans: only with you when you are winning.


Anonymous said...

Stay classy, Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Okie-Joe, wipe your nose and read carefully: It is possible to support and be a fan of two and even THREE professional sports teams...AT THE SAME TIME! Posting here does not actually PREVENT any of us from following the Mariners, should we chose to do so. Because, you see...and this is VERY IMPORTANT..they play DIFFERENT sports! I know! Amazing!

Is there lead in the red clay?

Paul said...

Will you douche-bags shut up and FOCUS for a moment on Vincent Askew?!

I remember tryng to emulate his patented slo-mo move to the hoop, the one where he started REALLY slow, then kicked it up a notch at the last minute to slip by the defender. KC called it "The Mummy".

Oh my god . . . I'm a Vincent Askew fanboy!

Anonymous said...

that joe...he's so clever. so in tune with us seattleites...amazing. I mean why would we even THINK about talking about our Sonics history on a SONICS BLOG? whatever, are we thinking...shame on us.

i don't have any ill will towards OKC residents, but you Joe, are fast climbing up the charts for people I wouldn't brake for if they were crossing the street. So when you feel like visiting, just let me know...

haizman_brain said...

I remember Kevin Calabro talking about what a ball hog Vinnie was. You could douse the ball in gasoline, set it on fire, give it to him, and he would still have a hard time passing the dribble.
and http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee316/haimzan/sonics/Vinnie2.jpg