Monday, April 8

Seattle Supersonics: 1977 World Champs?!

Someone might want to tell the seller of this ebay item to check the ol' NBA history books (not to mention logos) on this one. I wonder if this is the same person who "officially licensed" Rafael's Supersonicsoul artwork on there a couple years ago.


mckoosa said...

This Phantom '77 Banner was for sale on - The NBA Store a year or so back...A Friend of mine had to call them 2-3 times to convince them that the item they were selling was historically wrong....The OFFICIAL Store Of the NBA!....Oh my....Goodness!....What a slap in the face of SuperSonic Fans...(and Fans of the '77 TrailBlazers for that matter)

Paul said...

Wow! Maybe I SHOULD pick one of these up!