Tuesday, December 21

Viva la Sonics!

Team France loves the Seattle Supersonics!
Team France loves Supersonicsoul!

After the Steve Nash debacle, Supersonicsoul was in dire need of a feel-good story. Luckily my new best friend from France, Romain Casolari, wrote me this e-mail:

I'm a BIG Fan of the NBA. I created a Blog which speaks about the NBA and I wanted to present it to you.

(in French)

basketblogger.com (In English, through a web translator)

I like very much your Blog and I would have to like that one makes an exchange of link. Would you be ok?

Excuse my bad English
Live the NBA!

- Romain Casolari "Mr Basketblogger"
The "translator", of course, makes for some unintentionally hilarious reading, especially this article about Danny Fortson:
Danny Fortson is one of the men in form of this beginning of season NBA, however when one looks at the sheets of match of Sonics his statistics remain honest but without more!

But attention! brought back to 48 minutes of play, the evaluation of Fortson would go up to +31.72 and would place it at the 12éme row of players NBA... With its 52.1% to 2points and 86.6% with the frank throws, its stats brought back to 48 minutes of play per match would await tops: 24.4 points 17.3 rebounds!!!

The question is: Why prefer Evans to him?
"Why prefer Evans to him" indeed, my friend. The English may not be perfect (or even English for that matter), but Romain clearly understands what I've been yelling at my TV all season: Da Fort needs more minutes! (Of course, it would help if he didn't foul out every game, but I digress.)

Anyway, go check out Romain's excellent site and read about the NBA Frenchy Style!

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