Friday, December 24

Why I'm (Not) Pissed Off This Week: Christmas Wishes

Nate McMillan: Coach of the Year?

Normally, I'd rant on about some perceived injustice, but I've got nothing but love this week. Here's what I'm thankful for at Christmas:

* That Kobe and Shaq have been split up, giving us a Christmas Day game that all of us can look forward to.
* That the Sonics are playing above their heads, but are doing it with a high-scoring style that makes me proud to be a fan of this team.
* That Nate McMillan is going to be considered for Coach of the Year. I don't think I'm the only one out there who would kill for this man. Mac-10 is up there with Edgar in the Seattle sports pantheon as far as I'm concerned.
* That the NBA is leaning to more points and less banging. All 3 of us came of age during the golden days of 120-114 games in the 1980s, days that seem as distant as sockhops and black and white photos now. Thank you, David Stern, for finally figuring out a way to reintroduce us to 18-2 runs and a flurry of made baskets.
* That my friend, Paul, came up with a way to let me vent my frustration about my favorite team (the Sonics) and my favorite sport (basketball). I know I could be doing more productive things with my time, but I couldn't be doing anything better.

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