Thursday, March 23

Dance-off? Dance-off!

The Sonic Dance Team continued its miraculous voyage to a championship with a stirring 59-41% victory over the Houston Rockettes.

Many will look back on the 2005-06 season as a sad one, fraught with trades, injuries, firings, and disappointments, but, I, for one, will relish the memories of the Sonics Dance Team posting double-digit triumphs over a myriad of opponents. In joining the Heat in the Final Four, the Dance Team has shown that you can never underestimate the heart of a champion, or pictures of women in bikins.


Alan said...

Gonzaga may have lost tonight, but the Sonics Dance team making the final four makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

1. Will they spray each other with champagne in the lockerroom after they win the title?

2. Can you guys find out if they're selling tickets for it?

Anonymous said...

Could this have anything to do with the fact that the Sonics Dance Team are the only ones in their underwear?

Anonymous said...

First of all, swimsuits aren't underwear; second, Detroit's Automotion and the Mavs Dancers featured swimsuit shots in their respective brackets, and both teams were already eliminated, so swimsuits don't necessary mean victory.

That said, I think the NBA Dance Bracket will ultimately come down to which team's the most talented, which team's the hottest, and ultimately whose fans back up their teams the most. The Sonics Dance Team are a great dance team and I hope they make it all the way. :)

aloneconformist said...

this may be deemed a little late... b/c we only just discovered you via yaynba... but we've pit seattle dancer carolyn in a dance off with houston's maria in a battle of tokens... just thought you might want to give carolyn some love.

so, uh... anyway... we like your site... cyborg smasher is a hit. but we thought, uh... we thought danny was the cyborg... anyway... we'd like to link you... if you'd like to link us, too... uh, that'd be... great... thanks... yea... so okay then.

Anonymous said...

My vote for the hottest dancer goest to Sheena!!

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