Friday, March 24

Hughes Dishes

A day after the Zags choked away a seemingly insurmountable lead to UCLA, West Virginia gave up a 3 after they seemed to have guaranteed overtime, and Duke fell to LSU, White America is most likely in mourning this Friday. If I was a black man, I would tread very lightly today.

But that aside (and, really, why does anyone from this side of the Cascades even root for Gonzaga?), Frank Hughes of the TNT had an interesting piece over at where he took questions from readers. Okay, the Q&A is now nearly a week old, but, still, where else can you find out that:

1. Flip Murray was the least media-friendly member of the Sonics
2. Rashard Lewis is the most frustrated player on the team

Pretty good stuff. Hughes is a bit of a headline-grabber with his articles, but he still seems to work hard at getting Sonic news.

(Our pal, Jeff at Celtics Blog, also has a great piece on this year's draft: apparently it's really going to suck! -Paul)


Anonymous said...

This may seem like beating a dead horse, but after I wrote what I did, I happened to read Andy Katz' write-up of last night's action at To wit:

"There is a link here with all three [i.e., Redick, Morrison, West Virgina]. Redick came in highly touted, but no one thought he would do what he did at Duke. Morrison was hardly recruited and will go down as the greatest Zag ever (John Stockton was a better pro than he ever was as a Zag). These Mountaineers were not given a chance to be an elite team two years ago, but a perfect storm collected these wayward hoop souls for glorious runs to the Elite Eight and Sweet 16."

Um, what about Bradley. Didn't anyone not give them a chance, and didn't they lose last night? And, geez, is he really saying that Redick was underappreciated when he was a recruit to the most prestigious basketball team in college hoops?

Yeah, Mr. Katz, there's a link all right. I just don't think the one you mentioned is the one everyone else can see.

Anonymous said...

It would be a serious drag if the Sonics drafted either Morrison or Redik.

Anonymous said...

I think Redick could be pretty useful in the NBA. Guys that can hit open shots consistently are always a bonus - and Redick can hit open shots. I don't think he can be a feature guy for a team, a la Ray Allen, but he can be a great third option.

Heck, if Wally World can make a career for himself, then JJ Redick can.

Anonymous said...

no way do i want redick on the sonics. if that alridge guy comes out, though, i'm all over that.

Anonymous said...

"Heck, if Wally World can make a career for himself, then JJ Redick can."

I'd sure as hell want alot better player than Wally Walker with a top ten pick.

Anonymous said...

I meant Wally Szcerbiak, not Wally Walker. Actually, I'd hope for something better than either one with a top-10 pick, but Wally S. has had an above-average career and I think he's considered a good return on the T-Wolves investment.

Although, I just checked the '99 draft (Wally was picked 6th), and that may go down as one of the greatest drafts in history.

Brand, Artest, Andre Miller, Steve Francis, Marion, Magette, Odom, Baron Davis, Kirilenko, Kenny Thomas, Jumaine Jones, Lee Nailon, and Manu Ginobili

all those guys in one draft? and the sonics wound up with none of them?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Redick can hit shots. Last night he was buried by LSU's defense, which means to me that he's not ready to be the go-to guy for an NBA team. But as a third option, he'd get lots of looks. Kind of like Hersey Hawkins was for the Sonics back in the mid-90s. Not the stud guy, but the guy to score 14 points or so a night.

Anyways, he's not a great fit for the Sonics. With Allen and Lewis already standing around, the last thing we need is another spot-up shooter, unless we're bringing him off the bench. I'd rather trade down and get a veteran center that can contribute. How 'bout Fortson's expiring contract, the pick, and something else to Toronto for Chris Bosh?

Anonymous said...

Please no Morrison on the Sonics - he's gonna disappear in the NBA. No defense, slow as a constipated turtle and more than a little suspect in the mental arena.

Anonymous said...

"Although, I just checked the '99 draft (Wally was picked 6th), and that may go down as one of the greatest drafts in history."

Corey Maggette would be a great fit with this current team. Coulda shoulda.

Szcerbiak has been a decent player... not #6 pick decent.

This draft looks more like the 2000 draft. Ugh:

1. New Jersey Kenyon Martin
2. Vancouver Stromile Swift
3. LA Clippers Darius Miles
4. Chicago Marcus Fizer
5. Orlando Mike Miller
6. Atlanta DerMarr Johnson
7. Chicago Chris Mihm
8. Cleveland Jamal Crawford
9. Houston Joel Przybilla
10. Orlando Keyon Doolins
11. Boston Jerome Moiso
12. Dallas Etan Thomas
13. Orlando Courtney Alexander
14. Detroit Mateen Cleaves
15. Milwaukee Jason Collier

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a list that even a Knicks' GM would have trouble liking. An astoundingly bad crop of talent.

Anonymous said...

Well, in all actuality, Jamal Crawford also sucks as an NBA player; Crawford and Nate Robinson both have flawed games.

At any rate, though, neither Adam Morrison nor J.J. Redick -- who, no matter how poorly he played against LSU last night, deserves to at least have his surname spelled correctly by you guys -- will likely be productive in the NBA.

Adam Morrison = No Fucking Idea
J.J. Redick = Tim Legler

Anonymous said...

"AK1984, any dude that you think sucks, i want on my team. You couldn't scout a fuckin trail."

What the fuck is with such a hypocritical statement?

As it was, I just agreed with you about how both Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick are unlikely to be successful players in the NBA.

At any rate, though, you probably like overrated players such as Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson because they're from Washington.

Yet, that notwithstanding, the Seattle Supersonics should trade Rashard Lewis and Danny Fortson to the Charlotte Bobcats -- who, as a franchise, will be approximately $20 million under the salary cap -- for a 2006 first-round draft pick; the selection should be used to obtain small forward Rudy Gay.

In addition, the 'sonics should draft shooting guard Brandon Roy with their own 2006 first-round draft pick.

Paul said...

Sadly, I'm old enough to remember 1989 (even though I was stoned that entire year), and The Perv seemed like a sure bet. Skinny big men were all the rage (Ralph Sampson! Brad Sellers!). And looking at the rest of the top ten, it's not like there was anyone else to pick. Randy White anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Biggie, you managed to get me worked up over that whole bit, which is a positive credit to you.

Anyway, nobody in their right mind would argue against the undeniable greatness of Brandon Roy. Furthermore, Roy would be a damn fine backup for Ray Allen.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen too many Huskies games this year, but I was really impressed with Roy last night against UConn - more than I was with Morrison against UCLA. Maybe it's because Morrison looks so unconvential and runs so herky-jerky I can't imagine him in the NBA, but after watching Roy, I think he could play for any team in the league. He'd be a stellar 6th man for the Sonics, more than filling the role Daniels had for a couple of years.