Wednesday, June 27

Acie Law

Anyone else out there surprised by how Acie Law's stock is falling as the draft approaches?

Before the tournament, Law seemed a lock as the top PG in the draft. After Mike Conley did a Tiny Archibald impression in the tournament, Law fell a bit, to where he would be 15th or so taken.

Yesterday, John Hollinger released a new draft analysis that pegged Law as one of the more likely busts in the draft. Then today, draftexpress revealed their win shares outlook at the draftees, and they likewise lumped Law in with Corey Brewer and Spencer Hawes as people to avoid in the draft.

The big knock on Law seems to surround his steals (or lack thereof) and a concurrent lack of athletic ability. It now seems like Law could fall even more ... or this could all just be hype from draft experts and Law could wind up going to Atlanta with the 11th pick. Combined with Presti's comments at his press conference about his appreciation for defense and the ability to play multiple positions, and it sure seems that even if the Sonics are able to parlay their two second-rounders into a first-rounder, they won't be looking at picking up Law.


Anonymous said...

I don't see Law falling all that far, especially since there are so many teams that need a PG. I still think he'll wind up in Atlanta - it just makes the most sense.

Anonymous said...

I know a bunch of teams need point guards but I think Law (along with Hawes, Nick Young, and Yi) are going to be busts.

Let compare some stats. I will give you four point guards that are in the draft.

Pts / Reb / Ast / STL / HS* /age

A: 14.4 3.7 5.8 2.0 492.2 19

B: 11.3 3.4 6.1 2.2 637.9 19

C: 18.1 3.3 5.0 1.1 445.2 22

D: 17.4 3.6 3.1 2.1 438.2 22

*John Hollenger score from his breakdown yesterday of College prospects. Excellent read if you the have time.

Player A is Javaris Crittenton. Player B is Mike Conley Jr.
Player C is Acie Law.
Player D is Zabian Dowdell.

Conley is obiviously a top 8 pick, but I believe the second PG off the board should be Crittenton. He is younger (by three years), better at defense and rebounding, and distributes the ball better than Law. True, Law might have him in scoring but that will not translate well in the faster, quicker NBA. To me he is tied for the thrid PG in the draft along side Dowell.

I don't think the Sonics should trade for the 11th for Ridnour to get Law. I just don't see the upgrade.

- Dan

P Nussbaum said...

It doesn't sound like Presti would be interested in picking up Law, based on his comments. I think the idea of the Sonics trading to get Stuckey is more likely.

I have to say, based on only a few clips and reading up, Dowdell looks like a nice fit as a backup PG in the NBA. Since he's not too highly rated, the Sonics might be able to trade down in the 2nd round to get him, maybe dealing their two 2nd rounders to get a 2nd this year and a 1st next year.

CLanterman said...

ESPN reported that The Trailblazers will take Oden.
I'm pretty much indifferent at this point.

Anonymous said...

It's bad that Acie Law is injured right now :(

Anonymous said...

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