Monday, June 25

Second Rounders, Part III

11. Zabian Dowdell, 6’3”, Va. Tech, PG/SG
Another nice fit for the Sonics. Dowdell is a long-armed guy who can definitely handle the defensive responsibilities that have been left vacant ever since Antonio Daniels got a huge contract from Washington. He’d be a perfect fit behind Ridnour, and his lack of offensive abilities would be masked by the great offensive talent around him. He’s 6’3”, but he’s also 200+ pounds, which means the Sonics wouldn’t have to wait for a couple of years for him to grow into his body, which happens so frequently in the draft. You want more? How about that Dowdell – not a rich man by any stretch – pledged $5,000 of his own money to help people affected by the tragedy earlier this year at his school. Class act.

12. Aaron Gray, 7’, Pitt, C
Admit it – your first instinct when you see Aaron Gray is to think – oh, God, not another white center who can’t move. And you know what, there’s some credence to that thought. I’ve see more than a couple of instances of Gray’s name being linked to the Sonics first pick of the 2nd round, and the more I read about this young man, the less I like the idea. Slow, not capable of defending quicker big men, and not much range on his shot. You have to wonder – if the Sonics are playing the Suns and Nash and Amare run the pick and roll, is it possible for Gray to become the first guy in NBA history to break both of his ankles on one play?

13. Ramon Sessions, 6’4” Nevada, PG
Sessions was rumored to have received a promise from the Sonics to be picked at the #35 slot, so there is some smoke around his name right now in Seattle. Draftexpress compared him to Tony Parker (!) but his slim frame will mean some weight room time in the near future. Sessions made huge strides in his foul shooting and 3-point shooting at Nevada this year, which bodes well for the future. Like Dowdell, he would make a good backup for Ridnour at the point, but I don’t think he would contribute as much immediately.

14. Marc Gasol, 7’1”, Spain, C
Gasol is obviously the younger brother of Pau, so he’s got that going for him. He’s not as mobile as his brother, but he has the same basketball IQ that’s unusual for a guy his size. He is supposedly not the best-conditioned athlete. I think we can all agree that Marc Gasol is Spanish for Benoit Benjamin.

15. Kyle Visser, 6’11”, Wake Forest, C
Yet another white center ... you know, when you read “needs to work on his conditioning and muscle mass,” you think to yourself, why in the world would any time want anything to do with a guy like that? He gets to the line alot, but he doesn’t convert the free throws and never made more than 66% in his 4-year career. He hustles, but he can’t block shots. Ugh.


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well, Marc Gasol had a huge role on the world championship that Spain won last year in Japan, and this year he had a breakout season in one of the top teams in 2nd best league in the world. Good hands, nice shot, good rebounder, but dont ask him to intimidate, but at least he is a fighter...and he is big. He is way better than Sene, and Sene was a #10.

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