Monday, June 16

Afternoon Delight

Somebody please set up a hoop in the Courthouse driveway so we can make the above scene happen.

There are five players in the starting lineup for a basketball team. So, here are five good reasons to attend today's rally (visit as always for updated information, but the gist of it is 4 pm, 700 Stewart Street, Downtown, Federal Courthouse Building).

1. Good weather? Check.

2. Xavier McDaniel, Gary Payton, Zaid Abdul Aziz, Will Conroy, Spencer Hawes (and possibly others) in attendance? Check.

3. Clay Bennett at the courthouse? Check.

4. Being able to talk to other people who can commiserate about the Sene/Petro/Swift draft picks? Check.

5. Demonstrating to the NBA that Seattle cares about the NBA? Check.

Basically, it boils down to this: Even if you don't care if the Sonics leave, even if you think the NBA is bilking individual cities to further its broken economic model, even if you believe David Stern and Clay Bennett are rat-fink liars, how often do you get a chance to stand in the sunshine and cheer for the X-Man and The Glove? Skip lunch, call in sick, take an "afternoon meeting", whatever, just be there!

words: P. Nussbaum / image: R. Calonzo


Anonymous said...

Amen! Love to see that alley-oop happen - I thought it was only in my dreams!

Anonymous said...

Buddy of mine at work heard that a settlement was coming today between the city and team. Anybody else hear anything about that??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a total rumor to me. I cannot see why the two sides would compromise at this moment when the trial has not even really gotten started yet. Once the trial has begun, what does either side gain by compromising? the only way the city would compromise is if their case was falling apart, and from what all the legal experts say, it's pretty likely that they will win.

If that's the case, then it would behoove the Sonics to settle, but the city would be in no mood to talk at that point, right?

Kevin said...

maybe brandon roy will be there?

kdoublec said...

Nice seeing everyone there (Clay snuck out the back)