Friday, June 13

Simple Math

Fun in seeing an old-school Shawn Kemp jersey courtside at hte Finals < Joy of seeing Ray Allen score the winning basket on a layup < Pleasure of watching the Celtics come back from 20 < Joy in seeing Kobe Bryant's face while sitting on the bench, knowing he's blown a shot at his first post-Shaq championship < Joy in knowing that David Stern won't get a Game 7 this season.

Love ya, Ray!


Kevin said...

i wrote an open love letter to Ray Allen after seeing him dominate last night..

Anonymous said...

I'll second that letter, Kevin. To me, even better than the final layup was the one from the left side (the up and under), 50% because of the skill involved, and 50% because he beat Kobe off the dribble.

I honestly never thought I'd root for the Celtics in my life, but I am pulling so hard for them to beat the Lakers it's flat-out ridiculous.