Thursday, June 26


Let's assume that and all the other prediction sites out there were right for the past three weeks, and that the Sonics were interested in taking Jerryd Bayless with the #4 pick.

Well, have you seen the DraftExpress board today? Take a guess at where they have Bayless going.

4th? Nope.

6th? Nope.

8th? 9th? 10th? Nope, nope, nope.


Yes, that's right, 11th. Which means, that if the Sonics are truly interested in Bayless, then they'd be pretty dumb to pick him at the #4 spot, considering that none of the next six teams wants him.

Which means, of course, that the smoke emanating from the Great Draft Day Rumor Mill may be caused by just a little bit of fire, and that the Sonics are, indeed, interested in trading down.


Anonymous said...

I think the Sonics will keep trading down until they've reached the end of the draft. At which point, Sam Presti will have 12first round picks over the next four years. They'll just keep flipping them until the team moves to OKC.

Man this is a lousy time to be a Sonic fan. And htis is supposed to be the best time of th eyear for a fan following a crappy team!

Anonymous said...

Despite Sam Presti being a pawn of Clay Bennett, I still think that the Seattle SuperSonics should at least move down a few spots in the '08 NBA Draft.

With the 4th pick unlikely to yield a future superstar, there's no harm is sliding down some notches -- while picking up an asset or two in return -- since that'd be a savvy move.

Bennett, however, is definitely planning on being a cheapskate. Yet, no matter his expected cost-cutting measures, Presti should wheel 'n' deal either way.

Anonymous said...

Any one now of a live feed to watch the draft on?

Anonymous said...

I don't, but here are two options:

Draft via radio on ESPN:

Draft via "NBA DraftCast" (whatever that is):