Thursday, June 26

Random Draft Day Thoughts, Part I

  • If Minnesota passes on OJ Mayo at #3 it will be a huge boon to the Sonics. After Rose and Beasley, Mayo has the most cache of anyone in the draft. Even if Presti wants no part of the SC guard, he’s the most tradeable commodity. The Sonics would easily be able to get a lottery pick in this year’s draft plus one in next year’s by dealing away Mayo. The upside is they’d still be able to get Lopez, Bayless, Westbrook, or whomever in the bargain ....
  • My dream pick for the Sonics with their second pick of the first round would be Florida’s Marreese Speights, a 6’10” power forward who is plenty talented, but also plenty raw. A few weeks ago, Speights would have likely slipped to #24, but now it appears he’ll be selected long before the Sonics pick at #24. Assuming, of course, that Presti doesn’t deal away his #24 pick plus a second-rounder (or two) to move up in the draft.
  • It’s early, but I’m guessing the Sonics walk away with no more than three actual warm bodies this year via the draft. Either that, or whatever number greater than three they draft, the overage will all be Euros/non-Americans who will not set foot in North America for the foreseeable future.
  • Brian Robinson at can see Luke Ridnour being dealt today; I'd add Chris Wilcox to that mix, although I think Weezy's trade value will be higher next February.


Michael said...

This is what ESPN is saying about Brook Lopez right now -- "Brook Lopez: Wolves at 3, Sonics at 4, Bobcats at 9, Nets at 10. The Sonics at No. 4 seems to be the consensus among other teams. If they pass on him, he'll slide a bit." -- There is a lot of talk about Sonics (no.4) and Clips (no.7) trading picks ... If the Sonics really want Lopez, it looks like he will still be there at 7. Trading down for future considerations and still being able to get the guy they covet would be a nice move.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chad Ford agrees with you. See new post.