Thursday, June 26

Start Your Guesswork

So, who are the Sonics going to take? We're 15 minutes from the Bulls making their choice, so that means about 30-40 minutes till the Sonics make their selection.

Or are we? Maybe we'll have to wait about 1 hour until the Clippers/Sonics pick at #7.

I'm guessing the Sonics move down, pick Brook Lopez, and all of us start throwing things at our tv screens.


Anonymous said...

Any one know of any live feeds. I cant get to a tv to watch.

Pat M. said...

If Minnesota doesn't take Mayo at three, he is the pick for Seattle. If he is off the board, Seattle will make the trade with the Clippers.

I think the Sonics are leaning towards Lopez. Personally, depending who goes where, I would rather select Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook, or Jerryd Bayles at #7. If all three are gone, take Lopez.

bluemax said...

If you have Verizon then you can watch live on, even if you aren't at home as long as you know your Verizon id/password.

Aside from that I don't know of any feeds.

AK1984 said...

Sans the big three, here's my draft board.

#1. Brook Lopez
#2. Kevin Love
#3. Russell Westbrook
#4. Jerryd Bayless

I, by the way, don't like Eric Gordon.

Nuss said...

I have a feeling the Sonics walk away with Russell Westbrook. Nothing more than a hunch, and a feeling he fits with the scheme better than anyone else. I'd be very surprised to see the Sonics go home with Kevin Love. Just can't see him being a huge success in the NBA.

Pat M. said...

Sans the big three, my big board would be:

1. Westbrook
2. Gordon
3. Bayless
4. Lopez
5. Love
6. Augustin

Anonymous said...

Damn I have comcast any other ideas?

bluemax said... and sopcast maybe?

Pat M. said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Mayo.

nuss said...

I love how on ESPN Radio they just said that Derrick Rose will "put people in the seats" in Chicago.

NBA Rankings, Attendance, 2008
1. Detroit
2. Chicago

1. Chicago

1. Detroit
2. Chicago

1. Detroit
2. Chicago

Oh, yeah, the Bulls really needed a shot in the arm to "put people in the seats." What a dumbass thing to say ...

Anonymous said...

What a shocker - the Heat took Beasley. I guess Pat Riley's mind-games aren't as effective as they were 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, it's been chalk so far, does that mean we're going to see Bayless next?

ryan said...

Give me some Bayless, baby! I know he's not what it seems like everybody else wants, I think he's the best choice at this spot.

Anonymous said...


nuss said...

Wow, I can't believe I picked that right. Like I said, he felt like a Presti kind of guy. Hard to believe he was a #7-#10 pick a few weeks ago.

Joseph said...

If you want a live feed go to They have a link to an ESPN feed 1/2 way down the page

Pat M. said...

Love this pick. Thank god we draft get Lopez.

AK1984 said...

Dammit, Russell Westbrook better quickly learn how to play point guard; otherwise, he's not worth it -- especially since he's raw as hell on offense -- but that's just my opinion.

Although I love guys who are shutdown one-on-one perimeter defenders, my preference is toward tough man-to-man interior defenders (e.g., Brook Lopez) who can seal the paint.

A backcourt of Westbrook and Earl Watson would be fun to watch defensively; however, there'd be a dearth of three-point shooting -- which'd shift Kevin Durant over to small forward -- and that'd cause efficiency problems.

All in all, I'm not sold on Westbrook.

Pat M. said...


There is no way this Gallinari guy isn't going to be a bust.