Thursday, June 26

Trade Offer

According to Chad Ford at ESPN, the Clippers have offered their #7 pick and the rights to their pick next season for the Sonics' pick at #4.

Normally, I'd hesitate to trade down — the statistics bear out that once you get beyond the first five or so players, you're playing Russian Roulette — but since Sam Presti seems less than thrilled with his options at #4, it makes sense to make this move. The Sonics will walk away with someone they'll be happy with at #7, plus they'll get another lottery pick next year when the Clippers fall to 20-62 after Elton Brand breaks his back while attempting to carry [Insert Random Injured Clipper Here] back to the bench.


Anonymous said...

I love this deal. Rumors were hot going into the draft that the Sonics were going to take Lopez at #4 anyways.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think this deal is a win for the Sonics, as we can probably get one of hte two players we supposedly like (Lopez or Bayless) at 7 anyway (Memphis and New York are more likely interested in others), and we pick up another sure fire solid pick (sorry, the Clippers are not miraculously turning it around immediately). my thoughts anyway.