Tuesday, June 3

Sonics fight: It's gonna get ugly

I thought I might be able to go a week without having to read about the Sonics Situation. I was wrong.

The Seattle P.I. asked Seattle lawyer Randy Aliment what he predicted for the upcoming Sonics trial. His answer? There Will Be Blood:
"Here you've got breach of lease, you've got breach of contract, you've got fraud. But bottom line, what you really have is a fight. Somebody is trying to steal the team, somebody wants to keep the team, and that's all the city knows and all Clay Bennett knows.

"That's why the NBA has to be looking at this thing saying, 'We've got to put a stop to this' or who knows where the fallout will end? Because once that fistfight erupts in court, it's like a bar where eventually it spills out into the street. You'd think somebody would want to stop this before it goes that far."
Read the rest in today's Seattle P.I.

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