Thursday, June 19

Rumor Mill

A couple of tidbits to throw at you from the Sonic/Draft Day rumor mill.

1. According to, the Sonics are looking at dealing Chris Wilcox and the #4 pick to Miami for Mark Blount and the #2 pick. Conceivably, the Sonics would be getting Michael Beasley. Blount's deal runs through next season (about $9 mil), with an early termination option for the next season. I'm not sure if Blount's option is guaranteed if the Sonics waive him next year, but let's assume it is. In which case, Blount's deal would be pretty unwieldy to trade until the year after next. If Sam Presti feels that Beasley is as good as statistics would lead you to believe, this is a great trade for the Sonics, even with Blount's contract considered. Look at it this way: if they draft Beasley to go with Kevin Durant, the Sonics - in the span of two years - would have acquired the two most statistically promising players from the NCAA in the past decade.

2. The Lakers are interested in the Sonics' high-second round pick (#34). If only the Sonics had extra 2nd-round picks to deal ...


Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

One other possibility: The Seattle SuperSonics have taken a strong interest in [Russell] Westbrook, according to sources. Although No. 4 is a little higher than expected for him to go, one source said it's possible that the Sonics will trade down a few spots and take Westbrook.

from Chad Ford at

Which begs the question, who would want to trade up into the #4 spot? That one is a stumper, because I don't see anyone at #4 that teams are rushing up to pick. The 3 most wanted guys are Mayo, Rose, Beasley, but nobody's going nuts to get Bayless from what I can tell, or Kevin Love, or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

If Russell Westbrook is on Sam Presti's radar, then trading down with the Los Angeles Clippers -- while picking up a future first-round draft pick in the process -- makes sense for both ballclubs.

Although Westbrook is a lockdown one-on-one perimeter defender, he's raw as hell on offense. I'd rather take a chance on him over Jerryd Bayless, though, but it sucks that neither one of them are true point guards.

Regarding Michael Beasley, I'm baffled that Pat Riley is reportedly so averse to drafting him. Yet, if Riley truly considers Beasley to be the next Derrick Coleman, then he may as well select O.J. Mayo with the 2nd pick rather than trade down to the 4th pick for Bayless.

Of course, Riley's objective is probably to get value for Beasley's projected worth. That, therefore, would explain his desire to dump Mark Blount's exorbitant contract and questionable work ethic for Chris Wilcox's respectable deal and, uh, questionable work ethic.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the only reason the Heat are thinking of dealing the pick is because they are assuming Minnesota will be taking someone other than OJ Mayo with the #3 (e.g., Lopez). If Minny goes for OJ, then the deal falls apart. At least that's how I see it.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the only reason the Heat are thinking of dealing the pick is because they are assuming Minnesota will be taking someone other than OJ Mayo with the #3 (e.g., Lopez). If Minny goes for OJ, then the deal falls apart. At least that's how I see it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that makes sense.

In that case, though, Pat Riley should just select O.J. Mayo outright.

Anonymous said...

From Riley's perspective, I can see why he would make the trade. Other teams value OJ Mayo less than they value Beasley, so Riley's trying to use that against them, even though he doesn't want Beasley. By trading down, he winds up with Mayo (who he wanted all along), plus an expiring contract for a player (Wilcox) that's better than player with the crappy contract he's trading away (Blount). Not sure how the Marion re-signing figures into all of this, but I'm sure Riles would much rather have Big Weezy's expiring deal on the books come next summer than Blount's. It's a rare instance of a deal being good for both teams.

I'll say this - I'd hate to be in Riley's shoes if Mayo blows up in his face and Beasley becomes the offensive talent he appears to be in college. I know Beasley's supposed to be Derrick Coleman redux, but OJ Mayo ain't exactly the Apostle Paul himself. Of course, three years from now Riley will be living in Del Boca Vista, so what does he care ...

Anonymous said...

Shawn Marion is under contract through the 2008-2009 season -- as his salary next year is an insane $17,810,000 -- so that isn't a current concern for Pat Riley.

Oddly, though, I think that Michael Beasley would form a solid tandem at the forward positions alongside Marion. Riley supposedly loves Udonis Haslem, however, so therein lies part of the problem.

Regarding O.J. Mayo, I've got him pegged as the next Gilbert Arenas. As with Arenas, Mayo is a ball-hogging combo guard who prefers to shoot mid-range jumpers and long-distance three-pointers instead of driving to the basket.

Mayo is prone to committing turnovers, though, which also makes him similar to Arenas. Yet, unlike Arenas, Mayo is an outstanding athlete and a tough perimeter defender; that's partly why he's a more heralded prospect than Arenas was in 2001.

All things considered, it'll be interesting to see how everything plays out with the 2008 NBA Draft.

Michael said...

Pie in the sky ... Word is Bulls might take home town boy Rose at the #1 spot ... but then they would have to do something about their over-crowded guard situation ... If Bulls want Rose at #1, Sonics should approach Bulls with an offer of the #4 pick for Ben Gordan (provided he will sign a new contract) and Kirk Heinrich ... that would take care of Chicago's guard overpopulation and the Sonic's (quality) guard underpopulation all in one fell swoop ... and if Chicago wants, throw Luke Ridnour in with the deal ... of course, there is probably a reason I am not a GM :)

Anonymous said...

Sup Ak! Where you been? Exiled to the nether regions. Just kidding Supersonicsoul!

I agree that we would trade up to 2 to get Beasley in a heartbeat. Bye bye Wilcox, hello 20 and 10. Waiting to see where Mayo goes and knowing that is the first domino is a lot of fun for fans of the draft.

PG - Rid/Watson (broken record)
PF - Beasley
C - Hibbert (He will drop, baby!)

What a freakin young team that would be. But oh, what fun.

Anonymous said...

With Derrick Rose bound to be drafted by the Chicago Bulls, Kirk Hinrich will definitely be on the trading block sooner rather than later. Prior to today, I've already mentioned that Hinrich should be considered if Sam Presti drafts Jerryd Bayless. As a player who can run the point and defend bigger guards, Hinrich would compensate for Bayless' deficiencies.

Anonymous said...

Draftexpress is now reporting that the Sonics are looking to draft Brook Lopez with the #4 overall pick.


Michael said...

Lopez = Mistake IMO ... If he could come in and get 10 rbs and 2 blks a game that would be OK ... but you should be able to get better value at the n#4 pick

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