Thursday, June 26

Still Pickin'?

No Sonic trades to report as of yet, and with the #24 pick looming, will the Sonics go for foreign-born talent here, just to help Clay Bennett avoid spending more than $0.01 more than he has to while he's in Seattle?

DeAndre Jordan is still hanging around (please no, please, please, please), as is Kosta Koufos.

Three names stand out for me: CDR, Courtney Lee, and Nicolas Batum. I know Batum's a SF and Seattle needs a SF like they need Clay Bennett, but the guy has massive potential.


Anonymous said...

I'd go for Darrell Arthur from Kansas. Fills a need for a PF assuming Wilcox gets dealt at some point, and he's got big-game experience. Considering he was supposed to be a ottery pick at one point, he'd be a heckuva find at #24.

Anonymous said...

Kiss Courtney Lee goodbye.

Anonymous said...

And KOufous.

pg said...

"Three or four years from now, he could be a shot blocker"--ESPN analyst commentary.

How, how is THAT for damning with faint (and non-existent for seattle fans) praise for Serge Ibaka???