Tuesday, March 11

Ask David Stern

That's right, Clay Bennett's BFF is eagerly awaiting your questions, which will be printed in TIME magazine. So get off your keister, meister, and head over to the TIME website and flood them with questions. Here are some to get you started:
"Why do you hate Seattle so much?"

"Why did you collude with your pal Clay Bennett to steal the Sonics?
(follow up: "Are there dirty pictures involved?")

"Why have you systematically alienated blue collar fans of the NBA and replaced them with millionaires in luxury boxes who don't even pay attention to the game?"

"Have you ever played basketball in your life?"

"Is it true that ninety-nine percent of the perceived success you've had managing the NBA has in fact been due to the talent of players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan?"

"With schools, roads, and emergency services scraping for money, do you think it's the responsibility of working class tax payers to bail out millionaires like yourself and Clay Bennett?"
Feel free to jump in and add your own questions!

(thanks to Denise at Save Our Sonics for the news tip!)


Anonymous said...

wow i just went and asked my question and holy crap I didn't realize how many sonics supporters there are out there all over the country. That thing is filled with questions about the sonics its amazing! This should definately raise some hell!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of all the fans taking action! Let's do something our legislators couldn't... LET'S SAVE OUR TEAM!

chunkstyle23 said...

Here was my post (#843!)
Every year since Michael Jordan retired, there seemed to loom the possibility of a “nightmare” NBA Finals matchup—with one or both teams from small markets, or teams without star power–that no one wanted to see for fear of lackluster TV ratings and national apathy (see: pretty much any Finals featuring the Spurs). Yet by moving franchises from larger markets to smaller markets, the league is increasing the likelihood of these nightmare matchups occurring. Admit it, on a national, heck, even global level, no one wants to see an NBA Finals between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Utah Jazz (no offense, Grizzlies and Jazz fans). So please explain to me why having teams in places like Memphis, New Orleans, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, or even in Europe, but not in Seattle, is healthier for the league?

Anonymous said...

haha There are some really great questions on there but my favorite was posted by Mr. Bennett himself!

Anonymous said...

You know if folks had taken some time away from sipping on your mocha frappicinos or whatever the hell those girlie things are called BEFORE your 'beloved' team was sold to out of state investors, then you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place! Granted, there is little else in Seattle that can be as much fun as yet another losing sports franchise that's camping at the bit to skip town! Man your teams all want to leave, AND it rains, what, like 300 days a year? Jesus, I'd be about ready to kiss a shotgun right about now too!

Paul said...

Thanks for your inspirational words, anonymous loser! You wouldn't be from Oklie-homie by any chance, would you?

Also, what does "camping at the bit" mean? Is that some midwestern sexual maneuver you and Bennett use? I know it must get lonely out on the range, but this is a family blog, so let's keep it between you and the livestock.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is awesome, like 98% of the questions are about what a douche he is for letting the Sonics leave. And apparently you can't send in profanities.

Anonymous said...

that piece what nothing but bullsh33t fluff!