Friday, March 28


The next “injury” to be suffered by a member of the Sonics’ roster will be:

A: Donyell Marshall – Dust Allergies

B: Francisco Elson – Dutch Elm Disease

C: Nick Collison – Excess Grit

D: Luke Ridnour - Emergency Pigment Augmentation

E: PJ Carlesimo - Chokes Himself


huntsmanic said...

i'll go with B.

..elson suffering dutch elm disease just has a great ring to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with (E), although if PJ needs any help, I'm more than willing to lend a hand.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Durant - Toenail (it worked for Fortson)

Anonymous said...

Definitely Elson with the Dutch Elm Disease. That or a blister on his hand from taking too many shots.

Anonymous said...

Presti could be on this list eventually with different afflictions but I'll wait