Saturday, March 29

Sonics Drop Game to Bobcats

The end of the season can't seem to come soon enough these days. Normally, a team mired in losing inspires thoughts of draft-day gems in the minds of its fans, but not this team, not these fans.

The Sonics were down a point with 50 seconds left, but Earl Watson's turnover keyed the Bobcats' win, and yet another loss for Seattle. The Sonics won the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but it was the 1st and 4th quarters that killed them, especially surrenduring 38 points to Charlotte in the opening period. PJ Carlesimo was less than thrilled with the starters' intensity in the first quarter, something we as fans are just a little bit familiar with.

Once again, Mo Sene sat glued to the bench for the entire game, a mystifying experience for the young center, and a frustrating one for those of us trying to figure out why exactly he was promoted to Seattle from Idaho. Watson had a good night offensively, but allowed Ray Felton to go for 23 points on the defensive end.


Anonymous said...

A crunchy new rock song about the Sonics by a talented and dedicated local Sonics fan:

"Who's going to dream...Supersonic"

Check it out

Anonymous said...

Something to think about & spread the word...

Sonic fans are uniting to try and sell-Out the final home game of the year on April 13. This will be a gem to cheer for our team & SOS chants. The national media will be covering this game closely.

Get your tickets - spread the word. Lets give the NBA owners a message and memory before they gather to vote on Clay's move request that Sonic fans still want their team in Seattle!