Tuesday, March 11

Thursday's Getting Closer

As you have no doubt read in the PI, the governor and the state legislature have punted the arena issue back to the city of Seattle, asking the city to come up with the state's share of the $75 million on its own.

The city, naturally, is not interested in that scenario, meaning, of course, that this situation will require even more pressure on your representatives. Again, you can phone the state at 1.800.562.6000 to let them know you consider this to merit their involvement.

On a side note, much has been made of the fact that this week spells the end of this particular legislative session, and that if by Friday no bill has been passed regarding the arena, then that will be that. Which got me to thinking, what are the rules governing special sessions convened by the governor?

From what I have read, it appears that a special session may be called either by the governor, or by a 2/3 majority of the house. In this case, it would be Gov. Gregoire calling the session, because if the House could muster 2/3 majority to call a special sessions, they would just as likely use that majority to pass a bill.

However, I could find no information as to deadlines on when the governor can call the session. She could call it on Friday, she could call it on St. Patrick's Day, she could call it on Memorial Day, or she could call it during the upcoming trial between Seattle and Clay Bennett.

And one final side note, while sports fans only seem to care about the political process when it intrudes upon their turf (yes, awful pun, I know), there are those who are more in tune with this system. And, it seems, those people are about as thrilled with Frank Chopp as the rest of us.

Fed up with Chopp's stalling tactics? Join the club.

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Vishal said...

Inspired by another fun Simmons' read, here is a serious of questions with a Seattle Sonics theme:

What if Michael Jordan did not come back in 1996 when the SuperSonics won the West?

What if the #8 Denver Nuggets did not upset the #1 Seattle Sonics in 1994? What if the #7 Lakers did not upset #2 Seattle Sonics in 1995? The Sonics were 8-0 against the Houston Rockets in their two championship seasons. Of course, those were also the only two years of the decade in which Michael Jordan was out of the league.

What if Seattle did not trade Scottie Pippen to Chicago for Olden Polynice?

What if Wally Walker never existed?

What if he showed Shawn Kemp the money instead of Jim McIlvaine?

What if George Karl was never fired?

What if Nate McMillan was never let go?

What if Bob Weiss and Bob Hill never happened?

What if Kevin Durant teamed with Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen?

What if Allen makes that three to force a Game 7 against the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs in 2005?

What if Seattle did not draft Mo Sene, Johan Petro, and Robert Swift three years in a row? What if Seattle drafted guys who went later, like Paul Millsap, David Lee, and Al Jefferson?

What if Seattle never traded away Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Dale Ellis, Lenny Wilkens, Jack Sikma, Spencer Haywood, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Dennis Johnson, Vin Baker, Scottie Pippen, Bobby Jackson, Corey Maggette, Mikki Moore, Desmond Mason, Patrick Ewing, and Detlef Schrempf?

What if the Sonics were never sold to Howard Schultz or Clay Bennett?

The world will never know.