Friday, March 14

Sene Up

According to Gary Washburn and Jayda Evans, Mo Sene is back with the big club, albeit on a temporary basis, as the nagging injuries of Francisco "World B." Elson and Nick Collison necessitated the young Senegalese center's return to Seattle.

Evans points out that Sene will likely return to Idaho from whence he came when the D-League club gets closer to the playoffs. Perhaps he can give a seminar to his green and gold teammates this summer entitled, "What It Is Like to Play After the Regular Season."

In other news, with his aborted tryst with the Northwest firmly in the rearview mirror, Clay Bennett has commenced relations with Oklahoma City. In exchange for $40,000 in rent per game, Bennett and his associates are asking for parking in the downtown area, sharing in ticket and concession revenues, naming rights to the Ford Center, and a tax rebate from the state. In exchange, the Sonics will give the city $24 in cloth and shiny buttons.


Anonymous said...

all right go sene in this time out drought you look for a light and sene's mine he may suck and look more lost and scared on the court than clay bennett at a game but hes getting better

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