Tuesday, March 11

Sonics and Pacers

Just throwing this out there - let's say your television only had two channels. One channel was broadcasting tonight's game between Indiana and Seattle, the other was airing a two-hour "Best of Airwolf" series. How often would you switch back to watch the Sonics' game? Because, obviously, you would be spending the majority of your time watching Airwolf, right?

Yes, it's been that kind of season, Sonic fans. You know sometimes you'll hear beat writers or people associated with professional basketball make comments to the effect of, "I can't believe they pay me to do this!"Well, I'm guessing nobody's saying anything like that tonight.In one corner, you have the Pacers, who, along with the Sonics and Timberwolves, are at a level of popularity only cushioned by Mike Gavel.

In the other, you have the Sonics, of whom we need not comment. It's truly sad that if this is the end of the Sonics in this city, that we must see them go out like this. For no other reason than to freshen the taste in our mouths, you ought to phone the governor and tell her to do something to keep this team around. Can't we qualify for disaster relief or something? Isn't what's going on right now as bad as Mt. St. Helens or the floods?

Your assignment for tonight's game is to come up with a metaphor to describe your interest level. For example: I'm about as excited to watch tonight's Sonics-Pacers game as Johnny Carson was to see Ed McMahon's name on his call-display screen.


UKWP *AIRWOLF* said...

Sonics or Airwolf...? Sonics or Airwolf...? Hmmmmm, toughie. Can I watch both? ;D

Tell you what, why don't I just turn the sound down on the Sonics game, watch the picture and just play the awesome new, digitally remastered Airwolf soundtrack that I've just found called 'Airwolf Themes' which I downloaded off Apple iTunes Store, or from their official website where there are great teaser samples, http://www.airwolfthemes.com/

There now, problem solved! ;D

Paul said...

I know you were being facetious, but I just discovered Airwolf on the Retro Channel (channel 7.2 on HD in Seattle) and I am addicted. I never watched it when it was on originally, but HOLY CRAP do they kill a lot of people on that show! Jan-Michael Vincent is a one-man genocide machine. And his boss, the Dude With the Eye-patch, is perhaps the greatest bad actor who has ever been on television. Two thumbs up!

Paul said...

And the weird, John Carpenter-like synth soundtrack is da bomb!

Anonymous said...

You know, I know it wasn't the intent of the article, but I've discovered a newfound pleasure in watching the old Airwolf show.
I watch on the http://www.airwolf.tv website when it's not on TV like Paul mentions, and the quality isn't too bad.
I have to admit, right now it does beat a Sonics game, palms down!
Here's the link:
Have fun!