Sunday, March 9

Fans Get Heard

What will happen this week? It's anybody's guess.

In one moment, Gov. Gregoire and the other legislators seem to indicate that there is just no way anything can happen regarding the Sonics in this session, an indication that this team is just as good as gone.

But in the next, you get indications that the politicians are merely dabbing their toes in the water to get a feel for the temperature. With the hot-blooded vocals of thousands of Sonic fans calling them every day, they must know that this particular issue is one that resonates with voters.


Assuming - and that's a big assumption - that the legislature can get something put together in this session, we still have two rather large fish to cook up in our skillet:

1) Getting Clay Bennett to sell the team
2) Getting the NBA to deny his relocation request.

But that's putting the cart before the horse. There still remains the pressing issue of convincing the legislature to act before it is too late. I'll say again, if you are at all concerned about losing the Sonics, and if you believe that sports ownership should partner in shouldering the burden for building new arenas, then get on board this plan. Here's the number in Olympia:


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