Monday, March 31

How Many Games Left?

Is it me or are the Sonics already in the off-season? Looking at the schedule, there are still some games remaining, but I'll be damned if it looks like any of the players are aware of it.

PJ Carlesimo and Sam Presti came to town singing the song of culture and defensive intensity, but here we are, almost at the end of the season, and can you honestly say that the Sonics are better at defense now than they were in September? Think how many points per game the Sonics would have allowed if Kurt Thomas hadn't been on the roster for half of the season.

(Speaking of the lack of D, has anyone noticed the increasingly bitter tone emanating from Gary Washburn's keyboard at the PI? Doesn't G know this is Seattle, where reporters never criticize and fans either cheer for the home team or else go for a hike?)

Anyhow, it's all well and good to blame this on youth, but Collison, Ridnour, Watson, Wilcox, etc. aren't rookies by a long shot. No, the blame has to fall squarely upon the shoulders of Carlesimo for not being able to convince his roster to play some D.

On Carlesimo, he finally remembered last night that Mo Sene is on the roster and no longer in Idaho, and the young Senegalese center managed to play 4 minutes last night in a 120-107 loss to the Kings at the Key.

Also at the Key, normally when a politician decides to take a position only for political gain it's called grandstanding, but what do you call it when a Republican candidate for governor takes a position at sits court-side? Is it courtsiding? Whatever you call it, Dino Rossi made sure all the newspapers knew he was taking the controversial position of supporting the new arena plan.

In other news Rossi also announced he backs puppies, recess, and sunsets.

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