Friday, March 7

Rally At the Capital

If you love the Sonics, shoot, even if you just tolerate the Sonics, then get yourself down to Olympia tomorrow for a rally at the Washington State Legislative Building.

The rally is to be from 10 to 11 am on Saturday. Visit for specific information on parking, meet-up locations, etc.

With the word from Gov. Gregoire today that she is considering extending the legislature's session beyond the expected Friday drop dead date, there is hope for those who want to see the Sonics stay in Seattle.

Yes, Clay Bennett is "refusing" to sell, but he said he would never sell the Storm, either, so take his current tactics for what they are worth.

As always, the government will stick with their position until it looks as though enough voters are against it. By rallying in Olympia, you can tell them what you think of the Sonics.


Anonymous said...

Oklahoma City doesn't want the Storm. He is not selling.
Even Stern has said that any further "harassment" of Bennett over relocation will hurt your chances of ever having a team.

Anonymous said...

I live in Oklahoma City, Alot of us don't want the sonics here, we grew attached to the Hornets when they were here. We still get alot of their games on the local cable station. I hope Seattle can keep them up there. next year the Hornets will be able to opt out of their contract due to poor attendance record. So Please Seattle do whatever it takes to keep your sinics.

Anonymous said...

At the guy that posted first:
I dont remember stern saying if you harassed Bennett seattle would never get another team. He said that if the sonics leave, seattle wouldnt get another team....

Anonymous said...

I love the contrasting headlines in the Times and PI. Right now, the Times has "Gregoire sees no hope of keeping Sonics" while the PI has "Gregoire upbeat on Sonics"

Who knows what's going on behind the scenes but absolutely nothing is finalized, so anything could happen. I wish I could make the rally, but the events of the last week really give me some hope!

Anonymous said...

We need someone - anyone - in Olympia to show some leadership and say....

"This is a great plan - I'm supportive of it - No lame excuses about not having enough time - let's get it done"

Clay saying now he will not sell is totally beside the point right now - of course he will say this. The govenor's comments in this morning's paper were ridiculous. We need her to be a LEADER right now.

Thw whole idea is to put huge pressure on the NBA owners to NOT approve a move in April by putting in front of them exactly what Stern has said he wants - a new arena plan.

If they still approve Bennett's move in April under such circumstances then winning the court case in June could change all of that & pressure Clay & the NBA to support a sale to the local Seattle owners.

Anonymous said...

to the last anonymous commenter:

I'm not sure what race you're ashamed to be a part of, but we members of the human race are ashamed that you claim to be one of us. We would prefer that you go live in the zoo with others of your species.

And you're ashamed to live in the USA? I'd tell you you're welcome to leave, but that would probably violate the conditions of your parole.

If the majority of people in this country are idiots, you must find it comforting to be part of the majority.

chunkstyle23 said...

One last thing to add to Mike's excellent retort: Anonymous also assumes that the people who participated in the rally don't also mobilize for other causes as well. As if to say, if we care so much about sports, then everything else must be inconsequential.

So if I may assume something about Anonymous, I would guess that extent of this person's "activism" is limited to searching for causes to feel indignant against and leaving ignorant comments.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Stern: "harrasment" was not exact words, u are correct. It was along the lines: if Seattle continues to try to Bleed Bennett over this, their hopes for ever getting another team are not good.