Monday, June 16

Rally Time

For those of us stuck in the hinterlands, we could only experience the Sonic rally at the Federal Courthouse in Seattle vicariously.

Judging by various reports, the crowd was upwards of 1,000 people [UPDATE: KOMO4 estimated the crowd at about 500, KJR quoted police officials as saying it was between 2,500 and 3,000 people; it appears that the city needs to hire an Official Crowd Estimator] and - when you add in Xavier McDaniel and Gary Payton's combined presence - made for some gripping video on the local news.

Hopefully, the rally will reach a national audience and let the rest of the country know that this situation is not a foregone conclusion by a long shot, and that Clay Bennett and David Stern are still in for one heckuva fight.


Anonymous said...

Rally pictures

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon for posting those pictures. As a Kings fan I thought it was Cool Shawes went home to support the fans, and the city, in keeping the Sonics. I think that's particularly awesome myself, but hey what does some Kings fan living in a city that had it's coldest May in 115 years thinks? LOL (I think that's the gods telling Bennett he should leave the Sonics in Seattle.)

Anonymous said...

Sure,I figured this would be a good place to mention the pics.

Hawes represented himself well- as a player, a fan, a Sonics family member.

Thanks for support from Kings fans and fans from many teams. many places around the globe.And Sonics fans everywhere too of course.

Hope Sacramento keeps their team thru the arena challenge. Even in its kinder / gentler mode right now it is still a shakedown.

Hope someday the NBA shows respect for and effort to retain Seattle Sonics fans. No sign yet that they will but still a chance they could pull an inside pivot move. If they can ultimately get what they want on arena... money, money, money.

Anonymous said...

Some of us in the hinterlands made a crazy road trip to the rally...

It was worth it.