Thursday, June 26

With the #24 pick

The Sonics confound me. Serge Ibaka? Wait a minute - didn't he tell every NBA team that he didn't want to be drafted in the first round? Isn't this a complete and utter waste of a pick?

More to come, but I'm utterly confused by this pick. It's not that Ibaka is untalented or unworthy of being selected this high, it's that he specifically told teams to not take him until the 2nd round. Either Sam Presti is a genius that knows of a way to pry Ibaka from Europe, or the Sonics just threw away the #24 pick in the draft.


Anonymous said...

Why would Sam Presti draft Serge Ibaka under any conceivable circumstances?

Hell, Olumide Oyedeji is probably out there somewhere looking for employment.

Anonymous said...

For those that say Ibaka has huge potential - remember, they said the same thing about Mo Sene. And, Sene was rated higher than Ibaka; perhaps not as high as his draft # with the Sonics, but he was still a top-half-of-the-draft talent, according to the experts.

I agree, this is a total F You to the Sonics fans in Seattle. Terrible, terrible, terrible pick.

Anonymous said...

Sonics are trading two second-rounders for DJ White according to reports.

Anonymous said...