Friday, August 10

Are you kidding me?

Will Reggie Miller join former Seattle Supersonics star Ray Allen in Boston?The Celtics are interested in Reggie Miller. Apparently Bob Cousy was unavailable.

The Celtics, who apparently believe you can never have too many old guards who can't play defense, are attempting to exhume Reggie Miller.

According to several imaginary sources, the Celtics believe the decrepit Miller would be a good mentor to youngsters Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Miller, who was old and immobile when he retired two years ago, will be wheeled out to the three-point line in late game situations.

Not to be outdone, Allan Houston now wants to get back in the game as well. Word has it, though, that the Pittsburgh Pisces have not returned his calls.


mcwalter44 said...

Clearly the Celtics are trying to be the San Francisco Giants of basketball. Or perhaps Angie is using a basketball prospectus from the year 2000 when assembling this team.

Who knows what Boston is thinking. The great news is that the Sonics aren't exploring avenues like Miller. Though we all would like the see Payton end his career in the 206's great Green and Yellow colors, I think it's a smart move to not do so.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Sonics have contacted Dale Ellis.

mcwalter44 said...

Hopefully, Ellis was only contacted to be an assistant coach. Lol... isn't the guy in his mid-to-late-40s by now?

Anonymous said...

Screw it, Detlef's still around, let's just trade his suit for a jersey.

Q*bert said...

No worries about Reggie. He's mentally tough. He'll be much more than a Patrick Ewing-as-a-Sonic type player. And likely he be more valuable in the clutch than Penny or Allan H combined.

True grit!

Anonymous said...

The Miami Heat recently signed Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway to split time with Dorell Wright -- and, in all likelihood, Mickael Pietrus -- at small forward next season.

Seemingly, Pat Riley has used so much Brylcreem over the years that too much of it has finally seeped out of his hair, through his follicles, and into his brain—which is causing him to suffer from senile dementia.

Ben Q. Rock said...

I don't think the problem is with Riley's brain; it's his computer. Y2K must have done a number on his Tandy, because it's apparently stuck on 1996.