Thursday, August 9

Nickels on KIRO this morning--Call in!

Greg Nickels: Seattle Supersonics fan?I received this e-mail from the Mayor's Office yesterday:
Supersonic soul fellas,

My name is Viet Shelton and I’m an aide to Mayor Nickels. I just thought I’d give you guys a heads up that the Mayor is guest hosting the Dave Ross show on KIRO 710 tomorrow morning from 9am-noon.

The topic for the 10am hour will be the Sonics and Key Arena, whether or not it’s a decent venue for an NBA team, does it need an upgrade, etc. Oh, there will also be some discussion about the latest politics of it and it’d be good to hear from folks their perspective of the situation and what people think should be done to keep the sonics.

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know, invite any of you or your readers to call in and discuss it with the Mayor.

KIRO’s call in number is: 877-710-KIRO (5476)

Viet Shelton
Senior Advisor on External Relations
Office of Mayor Greg Nickels
Well, you heard it, Supersonicsouliacs: hit those phones and tell the Mayor what you think!


Anonymous said...

Does tomorrow mean Thursday or Friday?

Q*bert said...

I missed most of the call in show.

How did it go? Did Nickels sound resolute? Did he mention the Governor?

Paul said...

Sorry, Nuss--the info was buried in the BOLD-FACED HEADLINE. (snark!)

I missed the beginning because I had to bring my kid to school, but when I turned it on 10:30 they were talking about roads. BORING!

Slightly off topic: I don't think Nickels is as bad a mayor as a lot of people do (mostly because his predecessor, Paul Schell, was perhaps the worst mayor since Mayor McCheese)but the show was like one long infomercial about what a wonderful city Seattle is, and how the crime at 3rd and Pike really isn't as bad as everyone thinks.

As someone who works a lot of comedy clubs in the "bad" parts of town, and has to step over junkies to get into my car, Nickels really needs to get out more. Hearing him talk, you get the feeling the guy is tucked in bed at 7pm every night with a cup of hot cocoa.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul I was wondering if the NBA ever gets into your standup? I know this blog can be NBA comedy but wondered if it would fly in standup? With the local politics and arena issue thrown in? Or would it lose most of the women and a lot of the hipsters? At sportsbars?