Wednesday, August 8

My Summer Vacation

I'm still kind of curious about why Nick Collison was originally listed as a member of the practice squad for Team USA, then he (and Luke Ridnour) were not on the roster put out the other day, while Jeff Green was.

In looking for answers, I came across this with some pics of Collison's wedding this summer. Strangely, the photos of Danny Fortson didn't make the cut; something about the photographer not having the right type of wide-angle lens.

I did hear, however, that Da Fort was the highlight of the reception, putting away 3 steaks, 2 Diet Pepsis, half the roast beef, a 3/4-full container of salmon salad, the better part of the cheese tray, and 7 pieces of pecan pie. Danny told insiders that he's waiting for a return call from "several" NBA general managers about his employment next year, but that in the meantime, he's "just chillin'."


mcwalter44 said...


The practice squad is the USA Basketball Senior mens select team. To my knowledge Collison was invited to scrimmage with the Select Team, but turned it down because of his prior wedding plans. Ridnour, however, would not be invited to the Select Team roster, because he's already on the Team USA roster. Again, I still wonder why he turned down the opportunity to scrimmage with Team USA this summer? Where as, I completely understand why Colisson could not be on the Select Team.

Anonymous said...

Ridnour took a full month off - cold turkey - no basketball. I recall reading that he wanted to get his head straight and take the first real break he has ever had.

Anonymous said...

those are some nice pics..especially the one with collison's jersey in the foreground and him waiting anxiously sitting back..

good luck to the couple..

Unknown said...

I was lucky enought to attend the wedding and reception, it was definitely top notch classy all the way. Sadly Danny Fortson was not there.