Tuesday, August 21

Durant, Collison Dropped from Team USA

USA Basketball will not include Sonic teammates Kevin Durant or Nick Collison, as the pair were cut from the roster after practice on Monday.

Coach K explained to the press that the decision-makers felt the team needed more perimeter offense, but that Collison's ability to come as close as he did to making the team was remarkable considering the limited amount of time he spent with the team.

As a Sonic fan, it's just mildly disappointing. In reality, nobody cares all that much about the upcoming games, and while it would be nice to have Durant and/or Collison on the roster, it's not as if it makes any difference for the upcoming season. As I said before, this was a no-lose proposition for the Sonics; if either player made the team, he would benefit from the exposure to the elite of the NBA and if they were cut, both would benefit from the time off before the grueling season begins.


mcwalter44 said...

I totally agree. I think the Collison/Durant/Green trip to Las Vegas can only help the Sonics for next season. Furthermore, I think it worked out just as well as landing the 2nd pick in the draft worked out. Reason being is that the Sonics got three plays exposed to playing against and playing with All-Star caliber talent on daily basis, yet they didn't suffer any injuries and they didn't make the squad which, as Nuss stated above, will allow them to get some rest before the pre-season hits it's stride. It's another win-win for the Sonics.

Now see that the Sonics just got some good news with this announcement expect for the Bennett & Co bubbling circus of public relations incompetence to make more statements about how the team still hasn't made progress on a new arena. It might just be me, but every time a good story or even just good news or even a good break happens for the Sonics that Bennett & Co have to rain on the parade with their doom and gloom talk?

Anonymous said...

Here's an article on Durant and Green from the Washington Post. Someone posted it on Sonics Central.


- Balloholic

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Luke had participated--there would've been three cuts, all Sonics...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the Durant/Green article. So far, they're both saying all the right things.