Monday, August 20

Did Donaghy doom the Sonics boom?

"Psst! What's the over-under on the Bulls game?"

ESPN reported on Friday that disgraced former ref Tim Donaghy might name up to twenty other refs that fixed games.

With this startling new announcement, I was reminded of a great Art Thiel article from a couple of weeks ago, where he wrote about a close loss for the Sonics last year that Donaghy officiated.

Coupled with the Robert Swift Conspiracy Theory, it makes you wonder how close the Sonics were to not completely sucking last year.

It also brings up the Big Question. That is, what effect, if any, will this have on the Sonics leaving town? Will Stern step in to avoid another embarrassment, or will the Donaghy Disgrace-o-rama overshadow everything else so much that no one even notices the moving vans packing up Lenny Wilkens' wheelchair and the stuffed corpse of the Wheedle?


mcwalter44 said...

I like to think that Stern would urge the other owners to not allow the Seattle franchise to move, if for no other reason than they will not make as much $$$ in OKC as they could if they stayed, had a lease that didn't make them give up 50% of their concessions, and were successful record wise in Seattle.

Ziola said...

if anyone is interested, I found this page that has up to date Supersonics news feeds