Monday, August 13

What Can We Do?

Undoubtedly, there are many out there who look at this whole Bennett-McClendon-Carpetbagger scenario and just throw up their hands in dismay. The folks who never really liked basketball to begin with, or pro sports at all, they could care less, and this situation just confirms their pre-existing beliefs.

But for the rest of us, the obvious question is this: What do we do now? There are a number of practical answers:

1. Support A Deal is a Deal. Brian Robinson's efforts to force the Sonics/Storm ownership to honor their lease with the city is something everyone can get behind (sorry, was that too homo-erotic for you, Mr. McClendon?). Hate the Sonics' owners? Then stick it to them by forcing them to play basketball in Seattle for 3 more years. Love the Sonics? Then help ensure the team remains here for at least 3 more years. It's win-win. If you don't have any money because you spent it all on that sweet X-Man replice jersey, then volunteer your time/services.

2. Don't buy tickets. This is a tough one. On the one hand, poor attendance hurts Bennett's pocketbook, which is nice. On the other, it makes Seattle look apathetic. Perhaps an alternative is to buy tickets, and then bring your own food to the games. I suggest tomatoes, just in case Bennett makes an appearance.

3. Write to the Mayor. Let Nickels know the pressure is still on he and his associates to force Bennett to honor the lease.

Any other ideas out there? And, no, we're not interested in your plots to injure Bennett & Co. After all, they're much likely better-armed than we are.


Anonymous said...

Re: 2, as you mention, sell outs will most likely help our cause.

We need to show up in force, but:

- Don't buy concessions,
- Don't buy jerseys or any other Sonics Paraphernalia,
- Remember to bring a sign sign disparaging the new ownership. How about the acronym BS(Bennett Sucks!)?
- Wear green or yellow to show solidarity (not official Sonics gear--especially if you do not alreay own Sonics gear)

We really need to make it clear that, a) we love the Soncis, and b) we hate the new management.

Unknown said...

Not buying tickets will make the city look apathetic. The most effective move would be to have a ticket boycott. Pick an early regular season game. Get the word out to fans to boycott that game. No ticket buys, no shows by season ticket holders, no buying jerseys, no watching the game on the tube (hurts advertisers), no nothing. If you can drive down attendance enough it will hurt Bennett & Co, get media attention and show that the city isn't apathetic.

However, it has to be executed successfully or it will expose a lack of organization and apathy.

Unknown said...

Also, you can set up a picket outside Key Arena for the boycott game. We'd need to get a public permit for the area just outside the arena. Maybe we could get a permit for a public fire to burn Bennett in effigy. That is guaranteed local media coverage.

mcwalter44 said...

Howard stolen my thunder, but I have to agree...

1) Go to game and...
a) Don't buy a Durant jersey (instead get off of ebay)
b) Don't buy a beer or food inside stadium (instead go to Dick's or some place like that and sneak it in).

2) Go to another game with all the $$$ you save.

This is the best way to get back at Bennett, as Howard said "We really need to make it clear that, a) we love the Soncis, and b) we hate the new management."

Finally, two other effective protests are sign (make them one sided and sneak a pen in to make the sign you really want). And two, would be to go to game but not to sit in your seat and just watch it from the concourse (much more difficult thing to do, if you want to protest concessions due to the temptation to buy concessions).

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% - the single-game boycott is the way to go. How about boycotting when the Hornets come to town?

Anonymous said...

I like the boycott idea better than not buying tickets as that would make it looke like Seattle fans have given up. Walkouts have also been staged recently but that would require people to not go to a game in which tickets were purchased. I also believe there was one of those in the MLB this year that didn't go as planned (Most people didn't leave).

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree that the more people buy tickets and attend Sonics games the better.

Boycotting purchasing food etc. at the game is good idea to > But the idea of boycotting the actual games is a very bad idea - helps bennett make a case to the league that Seattle does not care about the Sonics.

Time for everyone to write David Stern too & tell him we want his support & that Bennett...

1. Bought the team under false pretenses
2. has not made a "Good Faith" effort at all towards getting a new arena
3. Has do nothing in a positive way to connect himself or his new ownership group with the Seattle community
4. If NBA franchises are a "Piblic Trust" and a valuable part of the "Social Fabric" of a community as he often says > Now is the time for David Stern to show he believes his own words & help keep the Sonics in Seattle.

The NBA's role & Stern's role will become increasingly important in all this in the coming months. Write David Stern!

Anonymous said...

Support the Portland Trailblazers. Afterall, they've got Nate, B-Roy, and Martell. I'd be delighted if there were a petition to get FSN to broadcast all Blazers games in Seattle...even if it preempts a Sonics game. We all know Paul Allen loves and supports this region, so lets get behind him and support the team that actually represents the great northwest.